Thursday, 27 October 2016

Dolly II Makeover - in progress

Torso - drying off under the ceiling fan

Legs drying

dehumidifier helping

Head - kept the painted eyes .............. for now anyway
So far she is 'armless - they are to be done ............. bit like spare body part surgery ..
Think the theme for these Mannequins is
'What goes up must come down'
 - seeing as they are made-over with decoupage using the Financial Times
Takes ages to get it right!
Her hair used all the photographs of watches, advertised in the FT
I should have done a 'before' photo - she had a broken neck (that had been badly repaired - all she needed was the Frankenstein bolt in the neck, to be the bride of Frankenstein!! LOL) - lots of chips , scrapes and dents ....poor girl was in a pretty sorry state ................ but starting to look happier now I think ...?

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Peninsula Craft Show this weekend 29th-30th OCOBER at Ipswich High School for Girls WOOLVERSTONE

Well it is that time of year again for
Annual Craft Show
10-5pm Sat & Sun
29th-30th OCTOBER
£1 entry and plenty of free parking
Light refreshments
This is on the Shotley Peninsula just outside Ipswich
Here I am my things stacked in the Sitting Room ready for the off - yet to get my rails, stands and dummies from the Attic
I will have garments, accessories and all sorts of things plus patterns for sale
Set up takes us all day Friday to be ready for everyone Saturday and Sunday
The Music Room is our exhibition room and The Orangery our sales room with a coffee/tea area with those all important cakes!!
I always come back a size bigger as the cakes are just soooooooooooo good :-0
The Sales pay desk is in the reception area
As usual lots to see - this year, everyone will have their own area in the Sales Room
We always try to arrange things differently each year :-)
Look forward to seeing everyone - do pop by and say Hi!!

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Dolly Makeover ................ ready for next exhibition

Dolly - front view
She even has a funky new hairdo!

Dolly from the rear

Close up of Dolly's face
ALL done in papier-mâché care of the Financial Times ...she is still wet so see what she looks like when dried
I am now utterly exhausted !
Next will be her legs and arms ....................
This is what she looked like before - badly chipped, cracked and in a very sorry state!
Dolly - chips, cracks and other damage!

Dolly very chipped and scabby

Dolly - long crack up the neck

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Garden, Gnomes and Mushroom Quilts - a co-ordinating series of quilts

Cot Panel Quilt - with roundels featuring fun garden gnomes and mushrooms
Hand quilted

Detail of a corner and the hand quilting

Detail of the quilt

Showing the co-ordinating spotted backing and the hand quilting from the back
This panel's subtle and unusual colour combination inspired the following quilts ...... all in co-ordinating fabrics and colours
Each a different size

Not-Mushroom Quilt - Throw sized
Appliqued Fly Agaric Mushroom (free motion quilted) surrounded by strip piecing quilted in the ditch  

Mushroom centre piece free motion quilted

Quilt and matching backing
Quilted in the ditch
Garden Strippy Quilt - a larger sized throw single bed topper
Strip pieced, with machine embroidery, free motion and quilted in the ditch

Plain and floral fabrics - with contrasting machine embroidery
Combination of free motion and in the ditch quilting

Detail of embroidery and quilting

Detail of the embroidery and quilting

Detail of the machine embroidery and quilting

Detail of the machine embroidery

Detail of machine embroidery and free motion quilting

Back of the quilt - matching backing and illustrating the free motion quilting

Spring Bunnies Quilt - Free motion quilting

Larger cot panel in lovely fresh mint greens and white, with a little pink and peach
Edged in strips of pink and lavender
backed in matching pale soft mint green
Intensely free motion quilted

Close up of the bunny family and the free motion quilting

Detail of the corner and edge quilting, and strips along the side

Detail of the bunnies

The central medallion area

Detail of the back - in a matching pale green - shows the quilting detail

Monkeying Around Quilt - Free motion quilted

Panel quilt
Monkeying Around
Lots of monkeys, giraffe, cat, frog, butterflies and birds all in a jungle tree setting
Free motion quilted

Detail of a corner

Detail of one of the monkeys

Detail of another monkey

Back of the Quilt showing the amount of intricate free motion quilting

Miss Kitty Quilt - free motion quilted

Miss Kitty Panel - intensely free motion quilted

This is the quilt from the back!
Pink cotton showing the pattern via the free motion quilting - as good from the back as from the front :-)
Small cot sized quilt or wall hanging