Wednesday, 19 October 2011

PENINSULA CRAFT SHOW - this weekend!!

ALL kinds of wonderful crafts available to purchase

Be there or be square ........the Peninsula Craft Show is this coming weekend


Hope to see you there!

Friday will be busy helping set it all up

Friday, 14 October 2011

Dragons Tail Scarves

Latest crochet design off dah hook ............................... an asymetric scarf with a ziggy-zaggy edge like a dragons or dinosaurs tail

Dragon's Tail - shaded boucle yarn
All soft n scrunchy
Top one in shaded black-white
Bottom one mauve to cream

Dragons Tail - left one in shaded wool blend and the right one a Kaffee Fassett wool (comes with a 10 year guarantee!)

On the model you can see how it works - has graduated scales along the edge
In shaded burgundys/pinks/grey greens

Here is the Kaffee Fassett one - just sumptuous colours and will go with everything!

Keeps you warm - but no bulk around the neck perfect for winter coats

Blue Mondrian Book Cover

Decided to have a change of craft - as wrists and fingers getting very complainy as I have been doing too much crochet of late!
So been thinking up designs for book/diary covers - so here is my first stab at it .................. not what I had planned as did not have the right fabric (OK those of you falling down laughing - those privileged few allowed into my sewing room - and have seen my ROOM full of fabrics and yarns....) I kid you  not so had to go to plan B and design  a cover with what I had!

here is the front - tweedy blues with appliqued blocks in tweedy reds and gold with couiched threads and crocheted trim and book marks (one red and one blue), with a red satin lining.

here is the spine

back view

Was great fun to make - now 9 more to make !

All filled with coloured heavy paper/fine card - I ahd some made up in one colour others with a variety of colours

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Sorry a bit late in reporting this - but not been feeling too great :-(
The other week really took it out of me ........... but fighting back!!!

Anyway - last week was the OFFICAL OPENING of Re-Create ............. so heres a few pics of the happy event!
The ribbon being cut - freeing the Ipswich Team football players - and more improtantly allowing us all in!!
And this a pic of just all the amazing people and goodies on show - plus there was lots purchasing going on!!

So we can buy some of the many goodies on offer counting out that change - now make sure you got it right!

Those football players were put hard to work - showing that the work being done is not as simple as it looks ....rolling out the lengths of pre-cut punchinella - he thinks it can't be that difficult ........can it............???
.... but he does not know his own strength and breaks the punchinella - much to everyone's amusement!

So the experts show him how it is to be done - PROPERLY to our famous Ipswich Team football player .........................

Now being shown by one of the trained workers, how to make up the booklets that they sell .....such concentration getting it all aligned properly!

and here is a selection of the end product - plain card booklets with snazzy covers and now new Calendars.
AND they are selling like hot-cakes .... prices start at £1.00 ......the stand was almost empty at the end of the day!

Reward for all their efforts - signed pics of Ipswich Football Team!
There were lots happy people there .............

and great food!

being enjoyed by ALL!

More pics and further information about this wonderful organisation, employing and training disadvantaged/disabled people - teaching them useful skills, plus making them feel a useful part of the community; and its a great venue for them to interact and socialise. Customers benefit with lots of items on sale - its like a HUGE bag of Liquorice Allsorts of things to rummage through plus they are all at great prices!
Membership costs are low as are the things on sale - it's a real win-win situation - so please support them!!

MORE info on the Re-Create website.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Ohhhh errrrr a scary day

Well nothing on blog as had a rather scary day last Sunday - I sort of collapsed with my arms being dead weights - all tingly and felt all dizzy with pains down my arms and in my chest ..........and all I was trying to do was give my DH a hug!! Paramedic came - a super girl called (I think) Emma and after a thorouigh exam she said she wanted me inhosp for an overnight - so ambulance called (they were already on their way) and was rapidly and efficintly transported to hosp ................... tests galore n lots blood taken - a kindly doc (called I think Hassim) who even came and checked on me before going home when chips are down the NHS came through

So thanks again to all the emergency staff - sorry about names was feeling rather dizzy n hazy!!

Was kept in several days - staying in various wards - blood tests came back OK (BIG sigh relief as not a heart attack as they thought) so had to work out cause so Xrays taken of my neck - showed osteo-arthritis and damage to spine ...................... so needed an MRI to check no pressure on spinal cord ................ well when that was done (bit of a wait there) that showed the nature of teh damage to my vertebrae but thnakfully no pressure on spinal cord
So eventually allowed home ..............feeling rather sore n bruised from all the prodding of my back and manipulating of joints ............ but relieved to be home!!

So a quiet few days at home didn't get much sleep there ......................... but managed lots of reading - Wolf Hall an excellent book.