Thursday, 14 April 2016

Twisted Sister - Beret in RAMSDALE Wool

Twisted Sister Beret

RAMSDALE wool - colour Settle
A funky little hat with twisted peaks - hence the name LOL :-))
I quite literally finished this version at 4am this morning - was having a bad night :-(
First made this pattern  ..... ooo (she thinks), about 8 years ago in a lovely French Navy vintage wool
I thought it would look lovely in the Ramsdale wool - and it does

More photographs to come. The pattern is in the process of being published - so look out for it at
A Woolly Tail

SingularOne Design Packs with Free Pattern

Another design in lovely wool from Thomas B Ramsden
Available in 12 gorgeous colours
Ramsdale Colours

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Grassington Waistcoat in Ramsdale Wool from Wendy .......................... latest designs ....

Waistcoat in Wendy RAMSDALE a pure wool
Shade - Grassington
I said in an earlier post I would tell you about Wendy Ramsdale wool - well I just could not wait any longer to tell you about it!
I just love it!!
Not only does it come in some gorgeous colours but is also a lovely quality wool made with Masham wool (Masham sheep grazing in the Yorkshire Dales countryside) then dyed spun by
T B Ramsdale in Yorkshire - so all home UK made!!
See the colours and buy it here ......
or here ...
or see below ....
Easy to crochet with and has a lovely handle - has an almost silken feel - yes I know, surprising for a wool that has a slight roving texture so when you use it  has a wonderful slip silk feel.
So no binding or dragging as you get with some wools - this just slips through your fingers .....
Yummy ....
Crochets up well and gives a good handle - secret is not too crochet too tight nor loose for that matter - LOL :-)  
Tensions and the right hook size is always key to making a garment that hangs well and feels right!
I could not wait to start working with it ....... but which colour to use ........???
So I decided to try it out in Shade Grassington (a lovely teal colour that can not decide if its a blue or a green - so thought it would be a very versatile colour!!), in one of my favourite and most popular waistcoat designs - and it worked a dream, plus being a DK you get a lightweight waistcoat that is perfect for that changeable weather we get in Spring & Autumn when it goes cold (good for Winter as well of course!).
This design fits and flatters and is one of my favourite patterns .....
OH sorry peeps but you will just have to wait and see the back when the pattern is published!!
Now I am hooking up one of my Twisted Sister Hats - a funky beret (so pics will follow)
These patterns will soon be available - just awaiting publishing!
So keep an eye out here or on A WOOLLY TAIL's website
I must thank T B Ramsden (the largest UK wool manufacturer), for sending me samples of this lovely wool to work with - its a joy to work with , I just love the colours and texture of the wool and can see lots of designs rolling off my hook in the future .............. it is bound to become a favourite wool for many who knit and crochet
Well I just had to paste the colours from T B Ramsden's website - as you can see the colours are deep and rich and slightly marled to give an added depth and complexity
I honestly did not know which colour to start with!!
But a good start would be to try the Lollipop Shawl which uses a range of these colours as a kit from A Woolly Tail - 800grms for under £50!!

Hat designs in Wendy Aran .......................and .....

Felted wool hats in Wendy Aran - all with a felted flower brooch.
You can use the flower to pin up the brim of the hat or on your coat.
The most popular colours are those in red with a charcoal trim or a lovely deep green and the hats with a contrast stripe/border.
The nifty thing abut this design is that due to its novel design one way it is a tailored hat and the other it becomes a cloche - how nifty is that??
2 hats for the price of one!!
due to the wonderful new colours in Wendy Ramsdale wool (made by T B Ramsden) I am going to try this hat out in Ramsdale - with maybe a few new twists .... this will be fun - ready for next winter!
So watch this space ....

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Sparkle into Spring with T B Ramsden Wendy Celeste ............................. new crochet pattern coming at A Woolly Tail!!

Lots of three-way colour options

New pattern about to be released ..............
This is made in three colours of WENDY's latest new yarn CELESTE - a soft shimmering wool blend with  a touch of mohair with a wonderful soft sparkle via the added sequins in the yarn - the sequins are very subtle.
Sophisticated glamour!!
Comes in a lovely range of soft colours (and its non-itchy!!)
Check them out at A Woolly Tail

This is a  lovely soft yarn, easy to work with and that added gentle sparkle adds just enough bling without being over the top and is just a lovely yarn
I will certainly be designing more patterns in this yarn as just love the colours and the subtle sparkle!
makes lovely lightweight yet warm garments - so watch this space................
New pattern coming via A Woolly Tail
Meanwhile try out this pretty yarn with a Lollipop Shawl in Wendy Celeste - and crochet a lovely lightweight sparkly shawl with a fun edge perfect for throwing over your shoulders. Be gorgeous over an evening dress or on that Summer patio, warming your shoulders for that cool evening with a little bit of blingy glamour - which you can make for under £35
Lollipop Shawl - Colour pack NEBULAE which uses every colour in the range, so a great introduction to not only to this wool but also the use of colour. So get hooking!
PS Check out my other designs, exclusively available at A Woolly Tail in T B Ramsden's wools and cottons - their cotton is my favourite cotton - Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton 100gram balls of delicious colours with a lovely sheen due to the mercerisation process.
A lovely cotton at a really good price - especially at A Woolly Tail
PPS New patterns are about to be released in the gorgeous RAMSDALE a lovely wool DK in sumptuous deep rich colours  ................. with the most lovely names such as Grassington, Malham and Hawes ...............such evocative names - well done TB Ramsden another great wool in the WENDY range!  
I think this is about to become my favourite DK wool - I will tell you why in my next post....
Meanwhile have a sneak preview at the gorgeous colours available now at
A Woolly Tail

Friday, 1 April 2016

I will be at Peninsula Craft Spring Show this weekend at HOLBROOK 10-5pm April 2-3rd 2016

Just a reminder to let you know I will be at the Peninsula Craft Group's SPRING SHOW this weekend at HOLBROOK ACADEMY - in the Peninsula Sports Pavilion
Open Saturday & Sunday
10am - 5pm
£1 entry
but lots free parking - accompanied children free
Tea & Coffees plus lots homemade cakes
Please come ( I can't eat it all - please don't make me ......pleeeeeeeze)  
I will be with lots of other highly skilled craftsmen and artisans of international renown
Some of my Lollipop shawls - better pics tomorrow LOL :-)

A view down the room - showing some of the wonderful things on display!

Ribbon Candy Scarf a new 'Sweetie Shop' design with A Woolly Tail ......................

Ribbon Candy - part of our Sweetie Shop range
Shown here elegantly worn over the shoulder
A long scarf with Sweetheart ends (but there are ten versions to choose from in the pattern) which also ahs slots all the way along so you can weave or tie it with - giving lots of ways to wear it!!
PS It is also a nifty way of stopping it sliding off, or blowing away on those windy walks along the beach or in the hills ................
This is the three colour version - wider and more slots in it than the two colour version
Another way to wear Ribbon Candy
Looping the loop!
Over the shoulder ...............
All tied up! LOL
The two colour version - slightly skinnier
But you can make them as long or as wide as you wish - the pattern gives you three options!
As usual the patterns are available FREE with yarn purchase (as a kit ) from
A Woolly Tail
Yorkshire from their website
from £5.25 to £10.50 a kit
but don't forget these match the Swizzle Stix hats - also available as kits (Yarn plus Free pattern) at
A Woolly Tail