Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Grassington Waistcoat in Ramsdale Wool from Wendy .......................... latest designs ....

Waistcoat in Wendy RAMSDALE a pure wool
Shade - Grassington
I said in an earlier post I would tell you about Wendy Ramsdale wool - well I just could not wait any longer to tell you about it!
I just love it!!
Not only does it come in some gorgeous colours but is also a lovely quality wool made with Masham wool (Masham sheep grazing in the Yorkshire Dales countryside) then dyed spun by
T B Ramsdale in Yorkshire - so all home UK made!!
See the colours and buy it here ......
or here ...
or see below ....
Easy to crochet with and has a lovely handle - has an almost silken feel - yes I know, surprising for a wool that has a slight roving texture so when you use it  has a wonderful slip silk feel.
So no binding or dragging as you get with some wools - this just slips through your fingers .....
Yummy ....
Crochets up well and gives a good handle - secret is not too crochet too tight nor loose for that matter - LOL :-)  
Tensions and the right hook size is always key to making a garment that hangs well and feels right!
I could not wait to start working with it ....... but which colour to use ........???
So I decided to try it out in Shade Grassington (a lovely teal colour that can not decide if its a blue or a green - so thought it would be a very versatile colour!!), in one of my favourite and most popular waistcoat designs - and it worked a dream, plus being a DK you get a lightweight waistcoat that is perfect for that changeable weather we get in Spring & Autumn when it goes cold (good for Winter as well of course!).
This design fits and flatters and is one of my favourite patterns .....
OH sorry peeps but you will just have to wait and see the back when the pattern is published!!
Now I am hooking up one of my Twisted Sister Hats - a funky beret (so pics will follow)
These patterns will soon be available - just awaiting publishing!
So keep an eye out here or on A WOOLLY TAIL's website
I must thank T B Ramsden (the largest UK wool manufacturer), for sending me samples of this lovely wool to work with - its a joy to work with , I just love the colours and texture of the wool and can see lots of designs rolling off my hook in the future .............. it is bound to become a favourite wool for many who knit and crochet
Well I just had to paste the colours from T B Ramsden's website - as you can see the colours are deep and rich and slightly marled to give an added depth and complexity
I honestly did not know which colour to start with!!
But a good start would be to try the Lollipop Shawl which uses a range of these colours as a kit from A Woolly Tail - 800grms for under £50!!

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