Wednesday, 25 November 2009

November Nudging Winter and Christmas ..............

Oh dearie me - mea culpa not been at my blog ...but sadly not been at all well this past month much catching up to do
So many Pics to post and Projects to tell you all about I just dont know where to start
Serious backlog issues here - though not achieved much this past month at all ..... :-(
  1. lots pics to post on Geneva, local Suffolk scenery and fungi ........latter gone mad in our garden
  2. projects include :-
    1. Fabulous soft mohair 12 point ripple circular afghan - just a warm fuzziness of comfort and bliss in a stunning rusty red .....perfect for long cold winter nights in front TV
    2. A cream shawl-scarf for friends Xmas
    3. A multi coloured shawl-scarf for another friends Xmas
    4. Been designing new quilting projects - one in silks and a pieced rug in sheepskins
    5. Quilted and about to bead padded wall hanging to act as headboard and then to make a pieced quilt to match  - the fabric is stunning - 'George Spencer ' fabric
Trying to think what else I have been up 'White Tiger' - our book club book - loved it - we discuss it this evening also read 'Road to Lisbon' - that I really enjoyed and 'Mr Mani' - which I chose for last book club book (generated lots discussion) which I loved interesting to see what the next book will be

Realising thatXmas around teh corenr and precious little achieved in preparations ...things to make as gifts loom large on the horizon!