Monday, 31 August 2015

New necklaces - all silky and shiny!

Shades of gold and chocolate and cream ..............

a close up

Shades of pewter and gunmetal ....................
They are silky and slip easily over the head - no fussy fastenings or catches
So easy to wear and co-ordinate with outfits!
More colours coming soon!
Making them for Art on the Prom and forthcoming Annual October Show
Peninsula Crafts Show this October 24-25th at Wolverstone

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Art on the Prom - Felixstowe promenade SEPT 6th Sunday 10am-4.30pm

It is that time of year again and Art on the Prom is next weekend SUNDAY 6th SEPTEMBER
10am - 4.30pm

Be over 80 Art and Craft stalls along the Prom - plus events, music, bands , theatre, workshops, art installations on the beach - lots of food
So something for everyone .........
All really well run by Mary Wyatt and her husband Steven
Its a brilliant day - so do come along!!
Peninsula Craft Group
will be at STAND 6 -
About 6 of the group will be there with a representative sampling of the work the group does - be handing out the leaflets for the next Peninsula Craft Exhibition (OCTOBER 24-25th at Ipswich High School for Girls at Wolverstone - 10am 5.30pm)
This will be their first time on the Prom so please go and support them!!
will be at STAND 73
With several helpers as  I can no longer manage this anymore
The M.E. gets worse each year now and find I can do very little these days without melt down
Was in a pretty bad state yesterday - comatose most of the day ............. :-((
And I had done nothing to deserve it - so much for pacing!
Anyway shall do my best - Hubbie and friends will be there to help me out and support me - or if need be take me home ..............
Soooo may be my last time on the Prom ..... wooo hooo

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Waldringfield Village Produce, Flower & Craft Show August 2015

Today was Waldringfield's Village Show
With lots veggies, fruit and flowers plus of course crafts
A lovely small village affair
With much cajoling was encouraged to enter some of my handicrafts and was placed
My 'Far Pavillion's' Beach Huts Quilt was 1st in the Needlework Section
the judges noted it was a very close for Best in Show
My Bladderwrack Shawl - 1st in the Crochet Section

My 'Stone the Crows' was 2nd in the 'Other Handcraft' Section
My 'Orwell Bridge' hand painted Bag made 2nd in the Painting Section
yeee haaaa !
Pics to come of the show and all the glorious veggies, fruit and flowers
Sooooooooooooo  quite chuffed to say the least!
So thanks to Alexis for encouraging me and her and committees efforts in ensuring such a well run show (she also won lots of 1sts, 2nds, 3rds with her veggies, flowers and photography as did her husband John) - well done to you both!
Alexi's Plate of Veggies - such a fun display of a face
Possible wall hanging??
Met a few more of the local's
or their veggie representatives - LOL :-))

All looked very edible ................... yummmmmmmmmmmm esp the cakes!
Dear Les was with me throughout the day - keeping me vertical and supporting me - otherwise likely to fall over or have a panic attack or a wobbly - hung onto him all day!
But sadly missed out on my friends 50th Wedding Anniversary in Framlingham - sorry Lal & Bri - hope you had a wonderful day - and bought flowers etc to bring up to you
But see you both soon as poss!!

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Shamrock - Lollipop Shawl

Shamrock a commissioned Lollipop Shawl in viscose and cotton - so has a wonderful elegant sheen and drape

In three shades green and a silver

Edges have three leaf clovers with a few random lucky 4 leaf clovers - just for fun!

Really pretty and elegant to wear day or evening

Summer Stripes - Lollipop Waistcoat

Waistcoat - hand crocheted to my own design in recycled cotton
Dipping hem with Lollipop edge
Back view of dipping hem
The sequence of stripes is repeated front and back
Short sleeves
ALL ONE PIECE construction
This is in a denim blue with contrasting stripes in red, green, yellow, orange, mint, rust, indigo - aran weight cotton
All the colours means it will match most colours - so a very flexible garment
The cut-away front means the waistcoat does not get in the way of doing things and easy access to jeans pockets
It is also great fun to wear!