Monday, 30 July 2012

Japanese & Batik Panels - Quilting

Vintage Cotton Batik panel - hand done in 1981 by GW 
So a signed piece ! 
Framed in indigo blues linen windowpane check border 

Samurai Japanese Cotton Panel 
Framed in indigo blues window pane check linen 

Started my two panels 
The blue batik one I have had since the 80's! 
So finally being used - has been hidden in my scarf drawer all these years
Shows you how long I have had that ............. ehhh hmmmm 

The Samurai panel is part of my 60th Birthday present from Debbie - she brought it back from her trip to Japan earlier this year (along with some other yummy fabric and hand dyed sashiko thread - yet to decide quite what to do with that - will post pics of that scrumptious selection later) 

So now off to find some cotton batting and then can start quilting them 
I think I shall do some sashiko along the border of the Samurai panel 

Will post pics as I progresss 

PS - Have new idea for a totally new crochet design for a jacket watch this space! 

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Buttons and beads embellishment ................on cashmere sweater

Side view

Buttons and beads on shoulder with trailing buttons and beads down the arm 
I used mother of pearl buttons and beads of various sizes - down to tiny seed beads
The design was dictated by where the moth-holes were! 
I made a fine net lining for the sleeve to support the repairs and added buttons and beads 
Hence the trailing beads snaking up the arm with an epaulette of beads on the shoulder to anchor the design 

Front view

Back and back of sleeve

Well this was picked up this week and she was delighted with it! 

Friday, 27 July 2012

Spiders Web Waistcoat

Latest thing off my hook - a Spiders Web waistcoat destined for Californa USA to Denise
Made in a lovely honey-cream colour in cotton with viscose - giving it a subtle sheen - it has a lovely drape and movement - so swings gently as you wear it !

You can wear it two ways -
1  with a narrower shawl collar with full length at the back - see above
2 - you just reverse it (upside down) and you get a much deeper shawl collar and shorter at the back - more like a bolero - see below 

Had a letter back - her comments were that it is beautiful and she is delighted with it - and that makes me very happy .......... I am so pleased!!

Friday, 6 July 2012

House CHAOS! ................... recovering furniture .............

Finally decided had had enough of grotty furniture so started thinking and planning new covers for it all 
As some friends are interested in what I am up to - admittedly not many - I have been asked to post before during and after pics - so bear with me! 
SOFA No.1 The Pink 2 seater Blobby 

Original fabric on 2 seater sofa - pink dyed and faded 
Back cushion feather base cushion foam but base is sprung and all basically sound 
Sourced via Freecycle!! 

Other side with a drift of choices for fabric ....rusts and terracotta's
Has had a cream throw over it  - to disguise the nasty pinkyness 

Pair chairs - covered in pheasants and florals now rather threadbare - again a Freecycle find 


In progress - trying out ideas ........... 
In sort of progress - well an idea board really. A friend had spilt wine and dark choc late over the cover (and my fav cream throw) - so decided had to recover the beasts I had just recovered my floor cushions in this heavy duty chenille - to match the Kelim (you can just see the carpet) .thought - see if they fit - which they do - sort-of - do while thinking what do with them and buy time for making new covers 
Thinking cream linens and cottons for summer and warm terracotta's and browns for winter ..........

THE BEAST - a 3 seater sofa vintage with horse hair and springs and ALL the cushions are feather - blissss 

It came with a Sanderson cover in Jacobean linen with print .............took it off and released the cushions (as covers shrunk and made them as hard as nails to sit on) .......and underneath the body of the sofa is in a gorgeous gold brocade (pics to follow) 
So must make covers for the soft squidgy feather cushions and a loose cover for the body of the sofa 
Here we have a mix up - of some of my old floor cushions and odd bit fabric wrapped round one cushion ............ and some various cream cotton and linen fabrics thrown over the sofa 
Plus three new cream cushions in cream cottons - two matching on left and a dusky one to the right in damask 
Ohhh and behind it is a new curtain in hessian with floral print on it - allows light in but privacy at the same time - my stuff for sale hanging on the 'street' side. 

THE BEAST has a Junior - i.e. matching armchair 

Beast's matching chair - now with a calico base cover 
You can see the original Sanderson covers on the cushions - you can see how much they have shrunk and compressed those poor feathers! Bit like a size 16 trying to squeeze into size 8 jeans! 
Piled on top are a selection of cream cottons and linens 

In rummaging through my (admittedly prodigious) fabric stash - found a length of the most wonderful cotton and silk damask with a chenille pattern superimposed on it - not only truly scrumptious but the design runs width ways rather than length of the goods if making curtains you would have to have horizontal seams .........maybe this was purpose woven for furnishings??? Never seen this before with fabric - so a first for me! 

Anyway sun is shining and must get back to preparing for the craft show tomorrow - get DH to take ALL the stuff and pack it in the car for me - and then unpack it all tomorrow for me (and again at the end of the day) - what a sweetie! Lets hope sell something this time! 

Children's Aprons - Crayola, Gardening

Tiny Tot Apron 
Dark green with floral lining and ties with pockets for crayons

Toddler Size Apron 
Navy blue with navy floral lining and ties - with pockets for crayons
Shown with wrap ties around waist 

Navy and floral apron - shown with ties at back 

Small Child Apron 
Green and floral pocket with packet of seeds ready for those  green fingers 

Three aprons - various sizes for either the budding artist or green fingered gardener in the family 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Peninsula Craft Show Saturday 7th JULY 2012

Hi All
Next show is this coming

Chelmondiston Village Hall
10AM - 4PM