Friday, 24 September 2010

Brunschwig and Fils 'Lichfield Hills' Wallhanging - finally completed

This is showing work in progress

The piece has been quilted by hand, embroidered and beaded.

As the fabric has 16 colours I have used a wide variety of beads and embroidery threads to reflect thecolours and wonderful quality of the fabric - it was a dream to work with (but then it was expensive fabric).
The embellishments were worked to bring the trees 'forward' so the houses were 'pushed' into the background
So the dominant trees were beaded and the trunks embroidered
Only the central part had been selectively quilted
It was all done by hand - apart from sewing on the border and backing

It took a couple of months of work to complete
and now has been backed and bordered in co-ordinating fabric

Now to decide where to hang it .................

Will add a pic of it completed

Has 16 colours in the print and is the pattern 'Lichfield Hills'

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Finishing touches ......bedroom

I posted pics of recent bedroom makeover - the curtains are still 'hanging in' until they can be properly hemmed but in meantime ............................
Antique Rose Throw

This is made from a 'space-dyed' mohair - so soft light fluffy and incredibly warm and snuggly - ideal for approaching cold winter nights n snuggling in with a book

Do not know quite how to describe the colours - its a dark dusky rose with an ochre which makes subtle stripes in the 12-point throw
The stripes seemed quite obvious as I was making it ...................  now seem to disappeared!
I shall try to photograph it again - maybe outside, to more clearly illustarte the subtle striping.

The colours are very difficult to pick up by camera .................. all I know is that I was using almost a whole ball of wool for each row towards the end. Its a bit logarithmic in quantity - the bigger the throw the more wool you use, without seeming to make the throw much bigger!

Anyway hope to make more in different colours for sale as they look quite unique and are just sooooooooooo luxurious and cosy!

Next week I had better get down to it and hem all the curtains and attach the fringe .................all of which needs to be doine by hand.