Monday, 29 June 2015

Art Deco Shawl - Lollipop Series variation

Art Deco 
A V wing shawl, hand crocheted to my own design in black, white and black-white marl - pure cotton 
This has squares and circles hanging off the edge 
You can see one side has had all the ends woven in - the other is still to do! 
There are well over 200 ends to weave in - so takes several days to just do that! 
and I soo hate weaving in ends , but sewing squares together is worse! LOL 

Unfinished edge 

Finshed edge 

I have been working on these designs for 4-5 years now - so various new embellishments and tweaks are developing - they are such fun to make and wear!
Lots of movement and style ............................ 

Beach Huts PROGRESS!!

Taken well over a year to get this far!
Used over a dozen old shirts, some my husbands some mine others from friends - so lots memories!  
Based on a Moda Dea design - but of course with my own twist! 
Various blues and whites form the background

Each beach hut is a different shirt - striped, cheques, plain 
Intensely free motion quilted- every beach hut is different and they all have flags waving from the tops - which helps quilt the sashing strips - a bonus! 

Bottom corner - highlighting the sea waves 

Various beach huts - all quilted in different ways - was great fun! 
But very tiring on the shoulder and hands - painful!! 
Lots painkillers and gel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Side view of shirt tails used as waves, quilted with rolling waves 

Quilt over view 

Top of the quilt- the gingham has quilted white clouds 

bottom of the quilt - gingham quilted in blue waves 

I used the shirt tails up the sides - representing sea waves - parallel quilted with curents of waves beneath the calm waters! 

The bottom is gingham - with quilting representing waves 

Taken me YEARS to do - collecting the shirts, then cutting and piecing - after thinking and thinking on the design 
Took it apart a couple of times ...................... and had to unpick lots quilting as it was not right - which took 3 days to do! Result was very sore hands that could do nothing for a week afterwards - the price one pays for art!!
So a lot of blood sweat and tears into this wall hanging / quilt......................... 
Now just to trim it to size and then bind! 

Flutterbye - Lollipop Shawl/Scarf

Flutterbye - Lollipop Shawl Variation 
This is one of my classic V wing shawls but with little butterflies dancing on the ends of the fringe 
This has a repeating colour sequence of blue with various shades of pink, taupe, blue and cream 
About 12 colours in all 
All in a  lovely soft recycled cotton 

Back view - of course you could wear this at the front 

Side view with long tails hanging down 
It is about 6ft long or 2m 

Back view with tails over the shoulder 

Front view with tails over the shoulders 

The V wing shape ensures teh shawl/scarf stays put and does not slide off and the dancing butterflies add movement and an element of fun! 
Sorry this is now SOLD
to my good friend Julie at Woolly Tail

Lollipop Tunic Top

My new design in the Lollipop Series 
Made in pure Twilleys Cotton in a repeating sequence of blue, cream and taupe 
It can be worn eithr way, as made blue stripes at top on one side and green on the other, so you can wear which side suits you best or the outfit!
Has a dipping front hem and matching dipping yoke 
Fun lollipops on hem and shoulder edge
front view

Back view

Side view - see the dipping hem 

Three-quarter view 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Bladderwrack ver 2 Lollipop Shawls

Lollipop Shawl
Bladder Wrack 2
In recycled cottons using 7 colours
Front view of V-wing shawl - stays in place when worn in pure cotton
Hand crocheted in my own design

Front view - one tail over the shoulder
The colours are a complex variation with specks of other colours giving it a depth and richness of colour not normally seen

Front view - both tails over the shoulder
The range and depth of colours will enable this to be worn with a wide range of colours !

Back view - with both tails over the shoulder
Sassy at the back as well as the front - you can wear it either/any way you wish - with flair!
The 'lollipops' add movement and fun!
This came FIRST at the Waldringfield Village Show in the crochet class

Monday, 1 June 2015

Bladder Wrack Shawl - latest in the Lollipop Series of Shawls

Bladder Wrack Shawl
Latest in the Lollipop Series
Made in pure recycled cotton - 7 colours
This shawl is V-shaped so that it sits well on the shoulders without slipping
Falls neatly down the front

Lovely V shape at the back

 A tail can be thrown over the shoulder with élan!
View of the back with both tail ends thrown over the shoulder
This SOLD at OFF-PAT STUDIO private viewing yesterday before I had even finished it!
Yee ha!!
I can wear mine around the house - it stays put - does not slide off the shoulders
I have worn it from house - taxi - plane - taxi to hotel in Geneva and it did not move!
It is elegant, practical and stylish - all in one! Plus the range of colours means it goes with a wide range of colours / outfits ................