Monday, 1 June 2015

Bladder Wrack Shawl - latest in the Lollipop Series of Shawls

Bladder Wrack Shawl
Latest in the Lollipop Series
Made in pure recycled cotton - 7 colours
This shawl is V-shaped so that it sits well on the shoulders without slipping
Falls neatly down the front

Lovely V shape at the back

 A tail can be thrown over the shoulder with élan!
View of the back with both tail ends thrown over the shoulder
This SOLD at OFF-PAT STUDIO private viewing yesterday before I had even finished it!
Yee ha!!
I can wear mine around the house - it stays put - does not slide off the shoulders
I have worn it from house - taxi - plane - taxi to hotel in Geneva and it did not move!
It is elegant, practical and stylish - all in one! Plus the range of colours means it goes with a wide range of colours / outfits ................

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