Monday, 29 June 2015

Beach Huts PROGRESS!!

Taken well over a year to get this far!
Used over a dozen old shirts, some my husbands some mine others from friends - so lots memories!  
Based on a Moda Dea design - but of course with my own twist! 
Various blues and whites form the background

Each beach hut is a different shirt - striped, cheques, plain 
Intensely free motion quilted- every beach hut is different and they all have flags waving from the tops - which helps quilt the sashing strips - a bonus! 

Bottom corner - highlighting the sea waves 

Various beach huts - all quilted in different ways - was great fun! 
But very tiring on the shoulder and hands - painful!! 
Lots painkillers and gel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Side view of shirt tails used as waves, quilted with rolling waves 

Quilt over view 

Top of the quilt- the gingham has quilted white clouds 

bottom of the quilt - gingham quilted in blue waves 

I used the shirt tails up the sides - representing sea waves - parallel quilted with curents of waves beneath the calm waters! 

The bottom is gingham - with quilting representing waves 

Taken me YEARS to do - collecting the shirts, then cutting and piecing - after thinking and thinking on the design 
Took it apart a couple of times ...................... and had to unpick lots quilting as it was not right - which took 3 days to do! Result was very sore hands that could do nothing for a week afterwards - the price one pays for art!!
So a lot of blood sweat and tears into this wall hanging / quilt......................... 
Now just to trim it to size and then bind! 

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