Thursday, 25 August 2011

ART on the PROM - Beach Huts Wallhanging

The Beach Huts are done!!
Heavy duty twill background with cotton applique beach huts and boats.
Machine appliqued in stin stitch
Hand sewn vintage buttons and trim
Framed with vintage grosgrain ribbon and grosgrain ribbon hanging loops
Has a detachable banner hand sewn with 'Felixstowe Art on the Prom - 4th Sept'
this can easily be unpicked if desired

Currently hung in the ART on the PROM window in Felixstowe

ART on the PROM

I am EXHIBITING at this event - will be at STAND No 9
If anyone wishes to pop by and say hello - be lovely to see you

This can be usd as a wallhanging, or divider, or can hang in a window as a blind as it can be seen from both sides as the ships and beach huts make minimalist outlines. ALL the ends have been hand finshed off and sewn in invisibly

A detail of the middle section - all the buttons are different and all have different colour threads - just to add to its cheerful beach hut seaside theme and the seaside theme was featured in Sunday Times. Now to make more beachy hutty things - been drafting out ideas now to convert to fabric and trimmings watch this space!!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Beach Huts and Sailing Ships - Applique

Beach Huts and Sailing Boats Appliqued - very much work in progress ...

This took me ages to do - spent severalw eeks playing  with beach huts n boat sails then re cut new ones.
Sewed it up yesterday - which took me ALL afternoon (fact that thread kept breaking did not help - but once got act together all was fine) .......... now to add some doors and button doorknobs
Sewed in all teh ends to teh back this afternoon

Then BIG decision - what to make it into - had planned on making a bag - but perhaps a big cuchion be better ..........???
Dunno - what do peeps think??

Maybe - one day - will get some feedback here ...................

Meanwhile, today - in the conservatory - where we moved my crafting table today so can see the garden and the birds splashing about in the bird bath so I can also appreciate what little sunshine we get .......I have been designing new beach hut patterns for cushions and bags - and some ikkle lavender bags ............... or even be good for Christmas decorations for the tree ......... mmmmmm food for thought

Progress report ................ blankets

Amish Bars Throw
Pure boucle wool

Finally done - sort of large crib size or topper for single bed
Might felt it .................. ??

12 point throw - embellished with central flower
Wool blend Aran yarn

Detail of the floral central motif - a double row of petals

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Embroidery Update - Mt Fuji and Dancing Figures

Now hand quilted and embroidered

Close up of fields in hand dyes embroidery silks

Detail fig three

Detail fig one
Detail fig four

ALL are work in progress and reckon it take sme a whole week to embroider each figure ............... so few weeks work to do yet ..........and umpteen packets embroidery silks!

New Amish Blanket

It started as a baby blanket .................. then lots changes ..... now grown into a single throw
Plan to felt it slightly

Catching up, upcycling and finishing things off ........ Blankets and Preemie Hats

Made 7 preemie hats last week for someone at the ME Group ...she picks them up today to take to the hospital
I made 7 - one for each day of the week and all are different but in the same yarn as didnt have any other baby wool.
So hope they are liked and fit the tiny litttle girl and all are in lemon yellow

Not been up to much as sprained my ankle (doing exercises in the bath) and when got out of the bath could not put any weight on my left foot - talk about daggers oif pain up my ankle and leg - ouch ouch ouch
Since then had physio and its been strapped up and lots foot up and rest - and its paid off
A lot better - but I still have to be careful ............

Also finished off my blanket in squares ........................... in pure wool that is machine washable

Finished embroidering my Mt Fuji - now to finish it off and turn it into a wall hanging - pics to come
PLUS been quilting some preprinted panels .................... and embroidering one as well

Hand quilted landscape scene

Hand quilted house

WOLF - quilted and embroidered by hand - work in progress
The birch trees are done with a single fine strand of metallic thread - will do a simialr treatment for the wolf - in silver and gold metallics - so it will glisten in teh sun and lights in the evening

Turned an old waistcoat into a bag - undid bits of it and then used the unpicked bits to turn it into a bag
Took off the top bit - turned it n hey presto a bag - will add pics of completed bag - made a big shopper!

Tada aaaaaaaaaaaaaa  and here it is - lovely big shopper made from a waistcoat that was no longer its best now a lovely big market shopper!
Watch this space for the 'HOW TO' tutorial