Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Catching up, upcycling and finishing things off ........ Blankets and Preemie Hats

Made 7 preemie hats last week for someone at the ME Group ...she picks them up today to take to the hospital
I made 7 - one for each day of the week and all are different but in the same yarn as didnt have any other baby wool.
So hope they are liked and fit the tiny litttle girl and all are in lemon yellow

Not been up to much as sprained my ankle (doing exercises in the bath) and when got out of the bath could not put any weight on my left foot - talk about daggers oif pain up my ankle and leg - ouch ouch ouch
Since then had physio and its been strapped up and lots foot up and rest - and its paid off
A lot better - but I still have to be careful ............

Also finished off my blanket in squares ........................... in pure wool that is machine washable

Finished embroidering my Mt Fuji - now to finish it off and turn it into a wall hanging - pics to come
PLUS been quilting some preprinted panels .................... and embroidering one as well

Hand quilted landscape scene

Hand quilted house

WOLF - quilted and embroidered by hand - work in progress
The birch trees are done with a single fine strand of metallic thread - will do a simialr treatment for the wolf - in silver and gold metallics - so it will glisten in teh sun and lights in the evening

Turned an old waistcoat into a bag - undid bits of it and then used the unpicked bits to turn it into a bag
Took off the top bit - turned it n hey presto a bag - will add pics of completed bag - made a big shopper!

Tada aaaaaaaaaaaaaa  and here it is - lovely big shopper made from a waistcoat that was no longer its best now a lovely big market shopper!
Watch this space for the 'HOW TO' tutorial

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