Wednesday, 21 December 2016

O Tannenbaum ...... my Christmas CAL finished!

O Tannenbaum - OTannenbaum
My Christmas CAL FINISHED !!
Last minute crocheting and beading until 3am .............. !!
Then added lights - electric and battery then hung on all the ornaments
My Window display for this year
Surrounded by all the worksheets
My version has a hollow interior - perfect for hiding presents and storing all the decorations in ready for next year - has a zip up the back for easy access + lights
Lights are easily pushed through the crochet fabric
A Tutorial - How To will be posted soon !!
This Crochet Along (CAL) is still available FREE on the T B RAmsden website
Thank you T B RAMSDEN for all your support this past year - may all have a wonderful relaxing Christmas and all success for the New Year!
Also dedicated wool packs are still available from A WOOLLY TAIL
A YARN  PACK with the CAL worksheets would make a wonderful Christmas Present to any crocheting friend or relative for them to work on in the New Year
Also all my thanks to A Woolly Tail for all their support and encouragement over the past year
- hope all Woolly Tailers have a wonderful Christmas (feet up no doubt on yarn packs) and a successful 2017!

A few little details ................... all the ornaments were made with WENDY SUPREME COTTON DK - with the added sparkle !!

The STAR - with additional beads front and back - for that added sparkle!
DADDY SNOWMAN - beaded eyes nose and buttons
MUMMY SNOWMAN - with beaded and floral hat + beaded eyes, nose and buttons

BABY SNOWMAN - plaits and beaded eyes, nose and buttons
Close up of tree and ornaments - holly leaves, candy canes, angels, bells, hampers, snowmen ....... plus glowing festive lights!
This ANGEL has a shell bottom to the dress
 ANGELS - each has a different dress!
CHRISTMAS HAMPERS - ready for filling with treats - pink, lilac, yellow and silver
BELLS for ringing in the New Year - pink, yellow and silver

Christmas Raffle Quilt done - 'Parterre'

Combination of applique and piecing - hand and machine quilted (in the ditch and freemotion)

Back view
Joan Lumpkin (a dear departed and very talented quilting friend) did the applique and piecing
Mary Dale put the pieces together - then became very ill, (for a year in and out of hospital) but back with us again :-)
and I framed it with borders and quilted and bound it - and did my back and hips in, in the process LOL
So a quilt with history and been several years in the making, with various ups and downs!!
Decided to call it 'Parterre' as it being green with flowers in a diamond design was rather like a formal parterre garden ... we did think of 'Calamity Jane/Joan'  ....
Was in our Craft Groups Xmas Raffle and won by my good friend who is friends with all of us who made parts of the quilt.
We put it on her bed this afternoon and being 60" square fitted the top of a double bed perfectly - and it looked good in her bedroom :-)