Thursday, 28 October 2010

Halloween Spiders web waistcoat

Busy designing and finishing a circualr waistcaot that looks like a spiders web ........all very spooky ready for Halloween - but still nice enough to wear all the time. I have even bought a spider in silver and amber to pin on it ................... should look great pics coming up ................ so watch this space!

Email boooooooooooooooooooob

Oh dear oh dearie me - whot a booo booo I have done
On my fliers I put the wrong email address ........................ feel such an idiot!

So just in case anyone really is interested in ordering an item or discussing a new design ............... it should be
SingularOne (at)

I am such a twit - no wonder no emails at all!

Lets hope this does not cause a whole lot of unwanted junk mail ...............

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Shotley Craft Show at Wolverstone Hall

Well craft show was well attended - lots people looking stroking and buying .................... there was such an amazing choice - froom woodturning (bowls, pens, vases, mushrooms etc); jewelery (semi-precious, silver, beaded); pottery (lovely ironstone and thrown pots, jugs, mugs, bowls); quilts; wool spinning; lacemaking; fabric bowls, bags, cushions, advent calendars; crochet and knitting (blankets, scarves, shawls,  jackets, hats, bags); stained glass panels; basket weaving; fabric and embroidery artwork, dolls ...and so the list goes on ................. all made by wonderfully talented people!!
Additional bonus being they are all really nice people - which makes it an even better experience to not only buy from them and but exhibit with such lovely people aswell!
There was an exhibition hall and sales room in the Oranagerie with a  dedicated refreshment room (lots lovely cakes n goodies to eat while you decided what to buy!)

The Orangerie - the Sales room - every table was groaning with all sorts sumptuous goodies

Another view of the room in a brief lull - we bought that blue pot

The Exhibition Room - even more stunning things ........... I wanted to buy one of the wall hangings

Exhibition Room - more goodies on display .............

Lace making demonstration - with young and old equally fascinated!!

The Saturday started with rain but soon cleared up to a stunning sunny Autumn day - same again Sunday with many families coming to look and buy - lots taking a break eating cake and having a coffee while they tried to make that difficult decision as to what to buy!

Was such a fun day -lovely items and equally nice people to talk to

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

GADGET BAGS - notebook palmtop, kindle bags etc ..................

Been busy and finished off .................... a couple of gadget bags, one with a co-ordinating funky desk tidy
- no excuses now for being untidy and not being able to find things!

Gadget bag and matching bandolier style office/desk tidy
Made in heavy weight deisgner upholstery fabric, trimmed with co-ordinating grosgrain ribbon
The gadget bag has ribbon trim on the opening with self fringed sides

The bandolier desk tidy can be coiled up and tied with ribbon -  slots for pens,/pencils, post-it pads, busines cards, mobile palmtop etc etc
This has self fringed top edges with the badolier ribbon - sewn so you can slot things into them as well - so 3 times the storage capacity!
Can be easily coiled inside a bag - keep things tidy in your handbag or laptop bag and can just put teh bandolier into anotehr bag complete with everything - much easier.
You could hang frmo the wall and attach things to the bandolier style ribbon ............... really usefull accessory!

This another gadget bag - in designer brocade with co-ordinating grosgrain ribbon tie
So you can adjust where you need to tie it closed depedning on size gadget going in - simple flap closure

Here is the flap with the ribbon sewn to make bandolier pockets - so you can clip a pen or two

Here it is full length - not folded over
Pretty yet practical

All ideal for travelling or keeping those essential gadgets neat and tidy when you are not working on them

All will be at the craft show this weekend - now to decide on prices!
A really difficult thing to gauge - time effort + materials ........... and of course my designing!
Anyway really pleased with them

Kalahari Bag and Roses Bag - completed at last!

The Kalahari Bag has been crocheted and then felted and lined - complete with lots pockets on the inside

In two shades of sand - with a rich texture made in pure chunky wool that has been gently felted - fully lined with pockets running around the full diameter of the interior. The lining is also in 2 shades of sand to co-ordinate with the colours of the bag

A close up of the textural detail

The Roses Bag - made of purs Aran weight wool - felted and embellished with felted roses with beaded centers

Detail of the roses with 2 types of glass beads.
There are three roses on each side - so no right or wrong side

Both will be in the forthcoming Craft Show at Shotley this weekend - let you know how it goes

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Busy and tired .....................

Been a great day - sunny and bright
Surprise trip to Felixstowe with a friend had lovely morning and great coffee and cake in Bonets very yummy indeed (well wortht eh calories!!) - anyway it all exhausted me

Anyway completed few more things .......all ready for sale

Sock wool set - has matching moebius cowl and tendril neck piece
will take pics of the others

Brown camouflage fringerless mitts and made a matching scarf in a similar stitch
Scarf pattern my own design
Mitts I adapted from pattern on web -never could stick to a pattern  - lol

More to be posted

Friday, 8 October 2010

Quilting ................... and crocheting

This latest quilting project - birds for Les - a new cushion cover in the making
Almost completed the quilting - just stems of plants to do ........ then to make it intoa  cushion cover

The new Chistmas cushion cover - almost done with the embroidery in glossy rayon threads - so adds a little glow/sparkle
Just love the monochrome colours of browns and sepies with a touch of gold and turquoise

Here is a detail of the tree

The Three Bears - Cushion cover again. Quilting finished now to make it into a  cushion or bag  

The super scrunchy hat - soft can scrunch up into a abg or pocket and is a nice snug fit - so it will not blow off in the wind
Made in pure wool - so warm as well
Tightly crocheted so keeps its shape

So thats what I have been up to the past few weeks - bewtween various family crises .................which have been exhausting ............... zzzzzzzzzzz ing a lot as well