Wednesday, 20 October 2010

GADGET BAGS - notebook palmtop, kindle bags etc ..................

Been busy and finished off .................... a couple of gadget bags, one with a co-ordinating funky desk tidy
- no excuses now for being untidy and not being able to find things!

Gadget bag and matching bandolier style office/desk tidy
Made in heavy weight deisgner upholstery fabric, trimmed with co-ordinating grosgrain ribbon
The gadget bag has ribbon trim on the opening with self fringed sides

The bandolier desk tidy can be coiled up and tied with ribbon -  slots for pens,/pencils, post-it pads, busines cards, mobile palmtop etc etc
This has self fringed top edges with the badolier ribbon - sewn so you can slot things into them as well - so 3 times the storage capacity!
Can be easily coiled inside a bag - keep things tidy in your handbag or laptop bag and can just put teh bandolier into anotehr bag complete with everything - much easier.
You could hang frmo the wall and attach things to the bandolier style ribbon ............... really usefull accessory!

This another gadget bag - in designer brocade with co-ordinating grosgrain ribbon tie
So you can adjust where you need to tie it closed depedning on size gadget going in - simple flap closure

Here is the flap with the ribbon sewn to make bandolier pockets - so you can clip a pen or two

Here it is full length - not folded over
Pretty yet practical

All ideal for travelling or keeping those essential gadgets neat and tidy when you are not working on them

All will be at the craft show this weekend - now to decide on prices!
A really difficult thing to gauge - time effort + materials ........... and of course my designing!
Anyway really pleased with them

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