Thursday, 15 December 2011

Artists Bag

Artists Bag - pockets inside and out fully lined with matching art book cover (A5) with paint bruch pouch
Fabric is a lovely tulip print on cotton sateen
The base is wide-whale corduroy

A present for an arty friend

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

New Dragon Tail Scarves

Been catching up with these - seems as fast as amke them they get snapped up!

NORO Dragon's Tail scarf - a special order and she was so thrilled with it!

Here are a selection of the shaded colours

These were done a while ago - the flu whichstruck last weekend has laid me low ............ but feeling better even if back v painful
Now to try and get caught up!!

New baby jackets

Pretty in pink - Zimmerman jacket with picot edge
Back view

Pink snuggly - made with 2 balls wool and made from sction to section without cutting the yarn! = Less sends to weave in!!

Pink pinwheel jacket in bamboo

Sorry been no blogs but the CFS has taken its revenge ..................... but been trying to get things made for Christmas between zzzzzzzzzzzzzz