Monday, 29 December 2014

OFF-PAT STUDIO - 2015 opening days/hours

Hope everyone had a super Christmas and that Santa brought you all you wished for - if not come to the Studio and either get something special for yourself or spend that Xmas gift money on a treat .......
Pat & I plan to have the studio open regularly in the New Year - throughout the year
starting with
from 10.30-4pm
We will start the New Year with a
WINTER WARMER Exhibition/ Sale
We have planned a series of exhibitions throughout the year with a major one for May-July - so watch this space!

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Last weekend to get your Xmas pressies at OFF-PAT STUDIO

Hi Everyone

This is the last weekend OFF-PAT STUDIO will be open before Christmas

You can call Pat or myself if you need to buy anything on any other day
We will open by appointment
There are still some lovely things to purchase for that special person
such as
Pat's stunning ceramics - porcelain and chunky earthenware and delicate stars for the tree
My hand crocheted scarves, cowls, hats , wrist-warmers/texting gloves etc
Childrens 'Budding Artist Aprons' complete with crayons in all the little pockets
Brie's stunning elegant calendars - limited edition prints!
Claire's colourful woodblock print cards and wrapping paper - very retro and graphic
Sonia's vintage prints of her art work from the 60-70's for the fashion industry
Also a selection of hand crafted
candle holders
Christmas tree decorations
It is a Winter Wonderland in the studio
In the NEW YEAR we will have a series of seasonal exhibitions starting with the


Lots warm colours and warm things to beat off the cold weather!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

OFF-PAT STUDIO - goodies on offer every weekend till Christmas............

Just a small selection of what is on offer ................

Ceramics, bags, wreaths, stools .....

Christmas wreaths, table decorations, cards, ceramics .................

Prints, cards, scarves, shawls, felted hats, bags ....................

Scarves, shawls, fingerless gloves, cowls, wall hangings, cards ..................

Felted hats, shawls, jewelry 

Friday, 21 November 2014

Felixstowe Art Trail 22/23 & 29/30 November - I will be at OFF-PAT Studio

Hi everyone - I have been asked to participate again in the Felixstowe Art Trail this month - I shall have a selection of my work at
Off-Pat Studio
3 Penfold Road
IP11 3BP
Its a little building behind Underwood's the ironmongers .......
and it is full of not only Pat's lovely ceramics but a range of artists work - cards, felted scarves, fun jewellery (some by her talented daughter Harriet), natural wreaths in woven twigs and leaves
plus of course some of my work - which includes
Dragon Tail Scarves
These are all unique not only in a variety of wool, silk, cotton and mohair blends, but colours, plus each is a different shape!  
Wrist-warmers/fingerless gloves -
some with matching cowls and scarves
Pincushions - in tweeds and wools with freeform machine embroidery
Shawls in lace-weight wools
If you do not see something in a colour or style that you like - please ask and it can be made to order
Other artists involved are:
Mandeep Birdy a painter
at 11A Sunray Avenue
Helen Cassels a ceramicist and pine needle weaver
at Helen's Shed at Felixstowe Ferry
Beryl Scott an artist and print maker
at 19 Granville Road
Mary Wyatt a ceramicist #at 68 Ranelagh Road
and of course
Pat Todd ceramicist
at Off-Pat 3 Penfold Road
We all look forward to seeing you!
Pics to follow tomorrow....


Thursday, 16 October 2014

A Woolly Tail ........................ a woolly tale

Nope not a long beating about the bushes fictional story, but a wonderful wool shop!

Ordered some lovely yummy scrummy wool form them several times now and they could not have been more helpful. Quick delivery and well packaged

Even when they were on  holiday I was getting emails saying delivery might be a bit delayed as they were away on holiday ..................... I emailed back saying ENJOY your holiday the wool can wait!
Needless to say it all arrived within days - and I am told they had a great time!
Since then the wonderful Julie of Woolly Tail has called to confirm my order and delivery and even asking what I was going to make - so she truly engages with her customer base.

But the really bizarre thing is that she was an Egyptologist and I an archaeologist - both had done classics, and now both in all things woolly - now how is that for a woolly tale??? Talk about serendipity I said and now she tells me that is the name of her house ..................... we must be on the same wavelength............... fibre-length..... what a twist to the tale??? LOL

A small family run business where the personal touch is more than evident - hence I check out what she has on offer often - she features the really lovely WEST YORKSHIRE SPINNERS WOOLS - apparently a business run by a Father and his son
I am trying some out to see how it handles in crochet. All the WYSW are locally sourced wools and spun at their factory in Oxenhope near Keighly in West Yorkshire

So do please look at their website and see what is on offer - a lovely range of quality wools and a personal service - now it can not get better than that folks, and I do so love to support local, family run small businesses. So many ticks in the boxes ...................... below are the links to their websites - happy wool gathering ............


Thursday, 4 September 2014

ART on the PROM - this SUNDAY 7th September in FELIXSTOWE

Hi Everyone - I shall (with helping friends) be on
The Prom
booth 66

All set up ready for customers...............
Sharing a pitch with Estelle and her fabulous ceramics
I wonder what she will have this year .................
I have new things
Lovely woolly pincushions
Art Aprons for youngsters
Crochet jackets, tops
lots lovely new scarves
wrist warmers
Once they are gone they are gone - never to be repeated
I only make one of anything - unless something similar in a different yarn as a commission
This ensures that everything I make is truly unique!

On the fencing are all my Dragon Tail Scarves and some shawls 
On the shelves are hand painted cushions, crocheted baskets, bags, hats ......

And all day I had a steady stream of customers - lots of interest but not much purchasing :-( 
Ahhh well there is next year! 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

"Random Blocks" 10x10 blocks

Simple and fresh colours - what to do with 100 71/2" squares in 4 colour ways 

100 squares in red and cream, blue and white, green and cream, yellow and cream stripes all placed in a random pattern but stripes in sequence 
I bought these off eBay a 100 squares but there were not 25 of each ..... hence the random pattern 
c 80" square before adding borders so will cover a double bed 

Close up of a corner 
Yet to be framed - probably in blue 
May embellish it with flowers like I did for Joan's 4 day quilt 
Quilting will happen when its cooler! 

"Beach Huts" - quilt in progress

"Beach Huts"
Made from recycled shirts - have added the frame where have extended the beach huts into the frame and added waves by using the curved shirt tails - pics to follow 
I used the part near the cuff for each hut - using the opening as the beach hut 'doors' 
Its taken me several years to accumulate the right cotton shirts! 

Apologies to my friends and few followers - but have been very ill/exhausted and had a really bad ME relapse over the past few months plus been looking after ailing parents - so trying to catch up and post a few things I have been doing to keep sane! 

"Birdies at The Window " - quilt in progress

Birdies Quilt - in progress 
Cream Calico and vintage calico's and prints
Meant to be a window - looking out at birds on a tree - the log cabin 'Judges Steps' frame is a  nod to curtains 

The top is finished - after all the free motion embroidery, appliques and piecing 

Birdie in left bottom corner - chasing a fly

Birdy in bottom right corner - pecking at grain

Birdy top right - chasing a dragon fly

Birdy top left - caught a juicy worm! 

Pink birds feeding their young

Blue birds singing

Blue Birds fighting over a worm

Brown birds - well had to have some brown ones - covers most of the ones I can identify - its a brown jobby!! I am no bird watcher .................. LOL!!

Stone The Crows - table runner

This is 'Stone the Crows' a pieced and appliqued table runner with lost and lots of free motion embroidery 
I lost count after 25 bobbins were used so think about 30-35 reels + bobbins of thread were used! 
Fabrics were upholstery fabric and furnishings fabrics in cotton canvas, velvet's and chenille's.
All in shades of grey's, dusty lavender, blacks and silvers. 
Quite a muted colour scheme 
It was great fun doing it 
My second piece after Jennny Lankesters free motion class! 
Thanks Jenny for the tuition! 

One end - two crows fighting over a worm - LOL 

Crows pecking for food 

One of the birds 

Another bird

Close up of the birds fighting over a worm 

All in all took a week to make, and is a birthday gift to my husband as he is a bird watcher! 
He looked quite pleased when he unwrapped it - I think!! 
This came SECOND at the Waldringfield Village Show in the 'Other needlework' section

Thursday, 3 July 2014

"Cats on a Hot Tin Roof " - appliqued wall hanging

"Cats on a Hot Tin Roof "
Pieced and appliqued with free motion machine embroidery 

Close up of the central cat

Middle Cat

Left Cat

Right Cat

Not sure whether to call this piece 
'Dancing Cats'
'Cats on a Hot Tin Roof' 
What do people think??? 

I learned the technique at one of Jenny Lankester's workshops on free motion quilting! 

This was made as a 60th Birthday present for my good friend Pam 
Happy 60th Birthday Year Pam!
She has bred a brand new breed of cat which is launched this month! 
What an achievement and what a crowning gory for her 60th year! 
Well done girl!

Pam wanted it to be called 'Cats ona Hot Tin Roof' - so be it!