Wednesday, 6 August 2014

"Birdies at The Window " - quilt in progress

Birdies Quilt - in progress 
Cream Calico and vintage calico's and prints
Meant to be a window - looking out at birds on a tree - the log cabin 'Judges Steps' frame is a  nod to curtains 

The top is finished - after all the free motion embroidery, appliques and piecing 

Birdie in left bottom corner - chasing a fly

Birdy in bottom right corner - pecking at grain

Birdy top right - chasing a dragon fly

Birdy top left - caught a juicy worm! 

Pink birds feeding their young

Blue birds singing

Blue Birds fighting over a worm

Brown birds - well had to have some brown ones - covers most of the ones I can identify - its a brown jobby!! I am no bird watcher .................. LOL!!

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