Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Winter Brights - Lollipop Shawl

Winter Brights 
Pure cotton hand crocheted to my own deisgn in black with alternating bright intense deep colours. 
V-wing shawl so it sits on our shoulders without moving  or sliding 

Fun bright colours to cheer any gloomy day - perfect for day or an evening out! 
Perfect for that Summer Dress ...................
Kits in various T B Ramsden yarns - mostly from the WENDY range
These are now available
exclusively from

"50 Shades of Grey" Waistcoat in a luxury blend of wool and silk

"50 Shades of Grey" Waistcoat
Well it has so many shades of grey!!
Hand crocheted to my own design in a  luxury blend of wool and silk 

Dip hem with Lollipop fringe 

Back View 
Wonderful self striping wool giving subtle stripes 

A flattering design !

Better pictured to come - but so thrilled how it has come out - just looks and feels divine! 

Friday, 18 September 2015

Sneak preview ........................... of WInter Brights

WIP - Work in Progress

Pure cotton
Black and bright shades in glowing deep rich colours
In a lovely cotton that has a gorgeous lustrous sheen to it

This will be like a stained glass window - black with those deep glowing colours you see in stained glass
Chose deep rich colours as a winter palette - to cheer one up on those grey winter days and add colour to that winter coat/dress! 
Now completed! 

Next will be doing some in merino wools and maybe even pure silk ....yummmmmmmmmmmm

Sorbet Lollipop Shawl

Sorbet Lollipop Shawl
Pure cotton hand crocheted to my own design

In fresh bright summer colours - over 30 bright summery shades
I do love making these - even with sewing in over 200 ends!
Over 200 lollipops dangling along the edges
Sold Fiesta at the Prom on Sunday
People are liking them!!
This pattern, free as part of a kit, in a wide range of  T B Ramsden yarns and colours is now available from

Rings of change necklaces

Rings of Change Necklaces
Every one a different range of colours in a gorgeous silky viscose and cotton blend  

From cool pastel colours to sharp contrasts to  rich autumnal hues

Range of earth tones

Oh gosh allsorts here - fresh bright colours to soft pastels
The range is expanding and have some in about 8 colours!
These were popular on Art on the Prom!

Flowers - Brooches, key fobs ....

Floral brooches all pinned onto a silk cushion
All clours of the rainbow in a viscose/cotton blend to make gorgeous silky flowers - all with a brooch back for pinning onto your jacket or hat or bag .......or whatever!
There are different flower shapes and all are different colours .............. silky sunshine goodness!
Close up of some of the flowers - everyone is different
Now what colour shall I pick ...............

Funky cotton flowers in bright colours to cheer up any rainy day!

Detail of cotton flowers - everyone is different
right cheerful sunny flowers
Each one is either a different pattern or range of colours

Silky flowers on a key chain/fob
Pretty way to keep your keys or use on a zipper pull on your bag!
Again every one is different
Just love the Poppy one - perfect for Remembrance Sunday!

Shaded Sands Lollipop Waistcoat

Shaded Sands Waistcoat
Short sleeves with shaped bottom edge
In pure wool
Pure wool in a soft range of colours from pale grey to cream and caramel
Hand crocheted to my own design
Shaped bottom rounding up to the front with Lollipops

Detail of the front

Detail of the edge
I am sorry but this has already been SOLD
This sold the first time I showed it yesterday at the quilt group - in fact two friends wanted it!
So one is a very happy lady whereas the other is a little disappointed ....................
BUT now you can make your own by going to A WOOLY TAIL where you can buy exclusive kits with the pattern free!
Lots of choice of yarns and colours - all in T B Ramsden yarns!!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Art on the Prom last Sunday November 2015

Well am utterly exhausted - now the payback health-wise
Yesterday was asleep ALL Day and could not walk!!
Today only surfaced at noon and have a small window to catch up with - sofa beckoning as I write am so exhausted just need to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Arms numb .....legs errrrrrrrrrrrr well still attached - LOL

Anyway a heartfelt thanks to Debbie and Hubbie who both set everything up and took it all down again at the end of the day and both talked to customers and sold everything for me - I sat down for most of the day and only talked to regular customers and a few new ones
Debbie helped me up the Prom so managed this year to see a few of the stalls and Dick helped me all the way back (just about carried me - thanks Dick!!)
But most of all - thanks to all my customers (many regulars and friends) some new and I hope a few commissions will come out of the day ........................... thanks for looking and even greater thanks for those buying!

Again shared a stall with Estelle Westlake - her gorgeous but funky ceramics (yes guilty, I have a few of her things as well and commissioned a bowl)

Thanks to Mary and Stephen Wyatt who organise the day's event - so well run and organised
The variety of stalls this year was I think the best so far - saw Mary Wyatt's stall with her lovely ceramics of horses, birds (I have quite a few of her birds walking long my mantelpiece!), Verena Daniels and her sparkling glasswork (given her things as gifts - must commission a window hanging), Pat Todd and her ceramic bowls and plaques (have a wonderful fossil style plaque of hers and just love her chunky bowls)  and just too many over artists - over 80stalls!!
Plus events and entertainment all day and workshops for the children
Its on every year the FIRST SUNDAY in SEPTEMBER - so put it in your diary for next year NOW!!

Peninsula Crafts had their first stall this year and did very well and handed out lots of leaflets - which I hope will mean more visitors to our October Show at Wolverstone - October 24-25th - The groups 30th Exhibition

Well am really exhausted - sofa beckons and yet more sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep needed - fluffy blankie here I come ..........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Peninsula Craft Show - Advance Notice for 30th EXHIBITION - October 24-25th 2015



Ipswich High School for Girls
£1 entry - accompanied children free
Free Parking
Over 20 Artists and Artisan Crafters
including Guest Exhibitors
Dedicated exhibition area with Catalogue
Sales area and light refreshments available
This year due to school renovations we will be in the Hall -
There will be a wide range of hand crafted items for sale from earrings to rugs
So please come and support your local craftspeople
This will be our 20th Exhibition and we shall be making it something special this year!
Items for sale will include ..............
Wall Hangings
Padded Boxes
Carved Wooden Bowls
Semiprecious jewellery
Crochet Scarves, Hats and Gloves
Garments - Jackets, Sweaters, Tunics
Turned Peppermills
Pens & Pencils
Encaustic Art
Oak Stools
Carved Wooden Spoons
& of course a range of
Christmas Items
Tree decorations and trims  
Advent Calendars
and the all important
But do come and see what is on offer and get your Christmas shopping done in lovely surroundings and enjoy a cup of tea/coffee and cake as you decide what to take home with you without the hustle and bustle of crowded shops.
Afterwards you are able to stroll around the grounds and enjoy the wonderful scenery and views of the river and the school grounds.
Makes a  lovely day out - we look forward to seeing you!

Sunday, 6 September 2015

ART ON THE PROM - Felixstowe Sunday 6th September 2015

Well Sunday is the day - all loaded up ready to go for tomorrow
Early start - not sure how I will cope
But dear Hubby Les loaded the car and good friend Debbie helped sort it all out for me ................. and they will do everything for me at the Prom lots of support
Various friends popping by to help and give support during the day - so with luck will be able to cope and last the day!

Will have new things to offer - the Lollipop series of shawls and tunics and waistcoats
Plus some very pretty flower key-fobs and brooches in a lovely silky yarn that glows!
So hope they strike a positive note ......................

Anyway look forward to seeing old friends and customers tomorrow .....................