Friday, 18 September 2015

Flowers - Brooches, key fobs ....

Floral brooches all pinned onto a silk cushion
All clours of the rainbow in a viscose/cotton blend to make gorgeous silky flowers - all with a brooch back for pinning onto your jacket or hat or bag .......or whatever!
There are different flower shapes and all are different colours .............. silky sunshine goodness!
Close up of some of the flowers - everyone is different
Now what colour shall I pick ...............

Funky cotton flowers in bright colours to cheer up any rainy day!

Detail of cotton flowers - everyone is different
right cheerful sunny flowers
Each one is either a different pattern or range of colours

Silky flowers on a key chain/fob
Pretty way to keep your keys or use on a zipper pull on your bag!
Again every one is different
Just love the Poppy one - perfect for Remembrance Sunday!

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