Friday, 30 October 2015

Peninsula Craft Show - last weekend

Just a few pics of what I had on offer over the weekend at the show ......................

Lollipop Tunic in cotton

Two of my 'Lettuce Shawls'

Lollipop Shawls

Neopolitan Ice Cream Blanket

Various bags - all lined with pockets

Free-motion quilted bedspread with crochet flowers

Baby Coin quilt with flannel backing

My 'Dragon Scarves'

Latest Lollipop Hats with matching scarves - note how the pony/plait can come out of the top of the hat!

Owl hats

My 'String Theory' necklaces in cotton

Animal tablet/iPad stands/rests

Black Magic - Lollipop Shawl

Basket of cowls and scarves, and  'Lettuce Shawls' on rail

Zig-zag Missoni style long cotton coat

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Peninsula Craft Show on this weekend 10-5pm.

Peninsula Craft Show on this weekend
Exhibition and sales area
Ipswich High School for Girls
This is in the SPORTS HALL due to renovations
But we filled the Sports Hall -
Lots of quilts to see - a quilt fest of quilts
(enough quilts o make a show in themselves)
Wood turning
Silver Jewellery
Glass fibre vases
Turned wood Pens & Pencils  ......................... and ooh just so much more to see
Tea coffee and that all important cake available!!
General view of the Show

My Bladderwrack Lollipop Waistcoat

Front view
A selection of my Lollipop Shawls and Neapolitan Blanket and poncho - all in cotton

My Rail of my crochet items
(SOLD a jacket today!!)

My String Theory Necklaces

My quilt in the exhibition

My Far Pavilions Quilt - lots admiring comments about this one!

My "50 Shades of Grey" - in wool and silk

Exhibition table with various artists work
SO as you can not only my things but lots of other things - ALL hand crafted!!
Nothing imported or bought in!

Friday, 16 October 2015

"Flopsy" The Rabbit IPad/Tablet stand ....latest in the menagerie

"Flopsy" iPad or Tablet stand
If a luddite it can take a book :-))
Perfect for on sofa or in bed - or on your desk

You can sue your tablet/iPad in portrait or landscape

"Flopsy" is made in chenille grey fanric with long floppy ears lined in pink, cute button eyes nad nose with long whiskers!
All a twitch ready to use .....

Monday, 12 October 2015

Its dah FUNKY CHICKEN - iPhone rest /stand

It is Dah FUNKY CHICKEN iPhone rest/nest/stand
Funky red feet and beak

Prince of Wales wool wings and cocks-comb

Ready for your iPhone or Galaxy phone to nest in while recharging or being used

Awww he looks so comfy - the chicken and the phone!! LOL :-))

Sorry this is my little old phone on there - so plenty space for modern iPhone or Galaxy phone Stuffed with rice and lavender ...................... mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Mouse Alert - Mouse iPad/Tablet/Book/KIndle Stand/Rest

There is a Mouse Loose Aboot this Hoose
Mouse Tetrahedron Tablet/iPad rest/ stand

Complete with pink lined ears, woolly whiskers and tail

Perfect for your iPad or Tablet

Stuffed with rice so good and firm and you can use him on your desk/sewing table/bed/or on the sofa - save your neck and back from RSI!
Or you can just use it as a stand to recharge the tablet/ iPad


Friday, 9 October 2015

PENINSULA CRAFT SHOW - Weekend of OCTOBER 24th -25th 2015

Help us celebrate our 30th Exhibition
October 24-25th 2015
Ipswich High School for Girls
£1 Entry - accompanied children free
(Includes Exhibition Catalogue - high % of the proceeds goes to charity!)
Free Parking
Approx 20 Members will be exhibiting their crafts
Along with
nearly 20 Guest Exhibitors
All are from the local area an are of a very high standard
Many are of national renown and acknowledged artisans in their field
This is our annual Autumn exhibition with dedicated Exhibition area and Sales areas -
 Christmas area with Tree decorated with hand crafted ornaments for sale, so you can get a jump start on Christmas shopping
Lots of hand made gifts to choose from - items include :-
Wood turning - bowls, dishes, goblets, boxes
Silver & Semiprecious stones
Dichroic Glass
Hats - carves - Mittens
Wall Hangings
Pepper Mills
Ceramic Sculptures
Oak Furniture
Encaustic Art
Crochet - Clothing & Accessories
Padded Boxes
Glass Fibre Vases and bowls
and much more ...................
Enjoy a tea or coffee with a cake .............  while you think on what to take home!
PAY-PAL available
We look forward to seeing you !!