Saturday, 24 October 2015

Peninsula Craft Show on this weekend 10-5pm.

Peninsula Craft Show on this weekend
Exhibition and sales area
Ipswich High School for Girls
This is in the SPORTS HALL due to renovations
But we filled the Sports Hall -
Lots of quilts to see - a quilt fest of quilts
(enough quilts o make a show in themselves)
Wood turning
Silver Jewellery
Glass fibre vases
Turned wood Pens & Pencils  ......................... and ooh just so much more to see
Tea coffee and that all important cake available!!
General view of the Show

My Bladderwrack Lollipop Waistcoat

Front view
A selection of my Lollipop Shawls and Neapolitan Blanket and poncho - all in cotton

My Rail of my crochet items
(SOLD a jacket today!!)

My String Theory Necklaces

My quilt in the exhibition

My Far Pavilions Quilt - lots admiring comments about this one!

My "50 Shades of Grey" - in wool and silk

Exhibition table with various artists work
SO as you can not only my things but lots of other things - ALL hand crafted!!
Nothing imported or bought in!

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