Tuesday, 22 December 2015

A Woolly Tail - indeeedy

Patterns and kits now available
Geometry Bunting - in all sorts of colour variations in various yarn packs
New colours coming soon ...............
Yarn packs start at £4.99 including pattern!

Swizzle Stix
Part of the 'Sweetie Shop' range of patterns
A fun hat pattern - in 2 and 3 shade combinations
Yarn packs start at £5.25 including pattern

The Lollipop Shawl
Part of the 'Sweetie Shop' range of patterns
In a wide range of colour combinations  in various wool or cotton  packs
Yarn packs start at £19.99 including pattern!

The fluttery Lollo Rosso Shawl
Packs available in FUSION or ROAM a 4ply wool
Packs are £12.99 including pattern!
This is proving very popular!!
All are in T B Ramsden yarns available exclusively from A Woolly Tail

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Wristwarmers ................ another new design roling off the hook

My Ribby Wrist Warmers

My Shelly Wrist Warmers
My New Ridgy Wrist Warmers

Ribby, Shelly, Ridgy
Stock was running low - and decided to invent a new design ....... as you do - I just wanted a change from what I had been doing
All are made in sock wool - as it is practical, warm and hard wearing  .....  plus all the sock wools come in such lovely colours!
Lots colours not used yet - remember only make a pair in one colour-way so they are unique. I make them so they have quite a dense stitch so they keep your hands warm, but stretchy so fit well. Being fingerless you can keep hands warm and toasty yet still get out your keys, change, work your phone etc
Such a choice of colour and design ---- but better get busy and rustle up a few more pairs .................. ready for the winter ............. which happens to be rather warm this year  - so far
Just wait till February when usually at the coldest!
These are all at £16 a pair - in any colour and pattern in this kind of wool
Silk, Alpaca, Merino, etc are all by special order and price on application
price + postage

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Christmas Raffle and our wonderful Mary!

Well yesterday as the Christmas Raffle - arranged as always by our wonderful Mary
She arranges a raffle every week and helps raise funds for all sorts of charities!!
The Christmas Raffle is the biggest of the year and we all contribute something - including hand made quilts, cushions, wall-hangings as well as gift baskets and all sorts things!
Plus she always gets into the spirit of the day and wears the most wonderful fun Xmas Sweater every year - this year was fairy lights, big dangly earrings and Rudolf head-dress!
She makes us all laugh and give the best hugs ever!!
Thank you Mary for all you do for us and for all the charities you help raise funds for!!
All the prizes and you can see the quilt Josie & I made together on the far right
Was a great morning girls!
My thanks to all in the group who have been such good friends and given me so much support this past year - which for me has not been a good one healthwise
(the M.E. really been biting back ........... as all of you know)
Your laughter and support has helped me through many a dark hour - so my thanks to all!!
May all have a wonderful Christmas and I hope the New Year brings all the good things in life to each and everyone of you!!
Love and hugs to all!!

Geometry Bunting is now available, exclusively at 'A WOOLLY TAIL'

An Exclusive Pattern now available at 'A Woolly Tail' with dedicated yarn packs
Geometry Patterns with Yarn packs are starting to trickle onto the 'A WOOLLY TAIL' website http://awoollytail.com/knitting-wools-yarns/brand/singularone-lynn-dyson-bruce.html
Various fun colourways include:
Primary - the primary colours of red,blue ,yellow
Secondary - purple, green, orange
Patriot - red, white and blue
Lagoon - gorgeous shades of greens and blues
Daffodil - sunny shades green and yellow
These are available in 300grm packs, complete with downloadable pdf pattern
All at a Special Price!
Wendy Supreme Cotton - £9.99
Robin DK  - £4.99
Peter Pan DK  - £7.50
Not only a  decorative bunting for your child's room but also a teaching or learning aid for your children
at home or in the classroom
What a fun way to teach your children the basic geometric shapes and colour theory
you can just have it in matching colours for your décor
You will be spoilt for choice - the range of colour packs will be expanding ..................
Again must express my thanks to Julie at 'A Woolly Tail' for all her support - as this is a joint venture
and T B Ramsdens for supporting this venture and supplying the yarn.
Without their support this fun project would never have happened..................... so again many thanks to Julie and TB Ramsdens!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Mousey IPad rest off to a good home .................as well s Funky Chicken and Mr Rabbit

Mr Mouse IPad rest now on his way to a new home .....ready to be put into service
Funky chicken also gone - off to another good home .....ready for taking care of someone's IPhone
Mr Short Eared Rabbit (in gorgeous black cotton velvet with hot pink silk lined ears and vintage buttons with cotton whiskers) - a commission off and away as well
All filling someone's Christmas Stocking :-)
All have various fillings, lavender, rice, or poly beads
All have embellishments - vintage buttons and some are in vintage fabrics
ALL are one of a kind !

Monday, 14 December 2015

LOLLO ROSSO SHAWLS - pattern + wool kit exclusively at A WOOLLY TAIL!

Fun and flirty shawls
Very full with self -ruffling edges
Curved neck so it hangs well off the shoulder without bunching up behind your neck
Pattern and wool available in exclusive packs from
Beaded edge on TARN
Glass pearlescent beads
These come in
Laceweight - in various  fine wools or alpaca or  merino or silk
Alpaca/silk/merino versions are special order
I need a month's lead time please
4ply - slightly heavier wool
These come with or without a beaded edge
Prices from £38
You will soon be able to buy EXCLUSIVE dedicated kits - at an unbeatable price
wool + pattern + beads
At first these will be available in packs of Roam & Fusion
then Air and Celeste wools
This is collaboration between SingularOne Designs with 'A WOOLY TAIL' and
Thomas B. Ramsdens wool manufacturer
They have been wonderfully supportive in this new venture !
Thanks Julie at A WOOLLY TAIL & CarolAnn at  T B Ramsdens !
Ohhhh and watch out for sneak previews of new patterns/kits coming very very soooon
Save your Xmas gift money for some fun crochet in the New year .................. ;-)

Christmas Raffle Quilt

Now with blue edge and check binding
Phew .................. in time for the raffle tomorrow ...........

Now buttoned and they follow a different geometric pattern to the squares .............. jus for fun :-)
Just quilted - yet to have blue edge and binding attached and buttons!
Josie pieced this from shirts and shirting fabrics - and beautifully done!!!
Well done Josie!
I quilted it and added buttons , the blue edge and check binding with check backing in shirting fabric
All cotton fabrics
So a real team effort ...........
This will be Pleasure-crafts Xmas Quilt this year for the Xmas Raffle - tomorrow !
So someone will be the happy winner .................
Maybe finally starting to feel a little bit like Christmas now ...........
The Navy Blue Fabric is from Cotton Cloth (my fav fabric supplier)
Carl  is really good to me - but then do buy a lot from him - LOL :-)
He is very helpful and responds very quickly - good fabric and at a good price with super service
Could not be better ........

Black Short eared Rabbit IPhone stand ................... off to fill someone's Christmas Stocking ....

Mr. Rabbit is in velvet with silk lined ears - with vintage button nose and eyes, complete with black cotton whiskers
Mr. Funky Chicken is in velour with  Prince of Wales wool check (wings and cockscomb) - with red beak and feet

 A Black Velvet Short-Eared Rabbit IPhone /IPad Stand with his Funky Chicken Companion

Both SOLD .....................and off to fill someone's Christmas Stocking - hope they like them .... ...
ALl I know is that when everyone sees them they laugh and smile - such a fu accessory for your electronic gear!!

Saturday, 21 November 2015

B&W quilt - work in progress

and now for something completely different ......................

Random log cabin style blocks in a wide range of B&W cotton prints
Plan is once pieced and ALL put together will over-dye and spray paint - which will soften the effect .....but I may just keep it sharp and do again for over-dyeing LOL
Whatever it is great fun
Just lots and lots B&W prints some white and some black sliced up in a range of widths across the yardage ..........taken me a couple of years to gather all the prints from a variety of suppliers
Thanks Graham at Joan Panico and Carl at Cotton Cloths who have been just the greatest in fabric supply - quality fabrics at really good prices!
Joan Panico Fabrics
Cotton Cloth

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Sugar Flowers - Lollipop Shawl in soft pastel colours

Sugar Flowers
A stunning combination of Sugared Almond pastel colours in a vintage cotton and linen slub yarn
Edged in flowers  

Soft shades of yellow, peach, pink, green, lilac, mauve,

Floral edge

Back view of V wing shawl

An elegant piece for the summer or that Winter Cruise .............. be stunning over a crisp linen dress, suit or trousers and top thrown casually over the shoulders for that cool evening or day, strolling around looking at the sights or going our for dinner.
This version is a commission ................ but
I have a very limited supply of this vintage yarn
So order your unique shawl in time for that Winter Cruise or holiday!
Once it has gone it can never be repeated!!
This pattern is now available with kits exclusively at
in various T B Ramsden yarns

Midnight Magic - Lolipop Shawl: pure glimmering glamour!!

Midnight Magic Lollipop Shawl
An unique hand crocheted to my own design in an exotic Italian yarn
Pure cotton wrapped in a glimmering thread that adds a subtle sparkle

Black alternating with deep shades of teal, burgundy, several shades of green, pink and grey

Close up of this wonderful yarn with its subtle sheen/sparkle

Perfect for that LBD or evening wear
Ideal for that Christmas party or event!

Add swish and glamour to your outfit .... c 6' long so plenty of drama!
This pattern is now exclusively available at

Friday, 13 November 2015

Work in Progress - something glamorous ...................glittery ...................this way comes

Work in Progress on .............. another crochet goody ............ well something in yummy colours black with contrasting stripes - a cotton yarn with a subtle golden-pewter sparkle ...............
Eveningy - dressy
something for that special  LBD or event ...................... so watch this space for the big reveal ..............
I may be pretty ill at the moment as in legs being rather wobbly - but am managing to crochet
Last night a bad night - nightmares of ...............GIANT HUGE GINORMOUS HAIRY TRANTULA like SPIDERS!!!!!!!! so big that when you opened the door it was cramped un inside a whole room- filling all the available space - now how nasty is that .........?????!!!!!!! Was truly a Halloween fest of a nightmare ...... erggghhhh Worse than any film!!!!
I am sure it was result of my seeing a huge spider padding across  the carpet, with great purpose, a few weeks back  - despite its huge size (saucer size/side plate size - it was big believe me!! ) it moved to fast for me to get it! Not that I can move very fast these days ...... :-((( ............
It scuttled under the furniture as it surely could read my intent ...... i.e. it was you or me chum ............. and this is MY space not yours!!!!!!!!!!.......its feet positively thudded across the floor as it made its getaway - uggggggggggggghhhhh shudder ugh
Not seen ...........................again .........yet ..................... but need bigger slippers than mine to flatten it!!! Only room for one of us and its not that hairy beast!!

Friday, 30 October 2015

Peninsula Craft Show - last weekend

Just a few pics of what I had on offer over the weekend at the show ......................

Lollipop Tunic in cotton

Two of my 'Lettuce Shawls'

Lollipop Shawls

Neopolitan Ice Cream Blanket

Various bags - all lined with pockets

Free-motion quilted bedspread with crochet flowers

Baby Coin quilt with flannel backing

My 'Dragon Scarves'

Latest Lollipop Hats with matching scarves - note how the pony/plait can come out of the top of the hat!

Owl hats

My 'String Theory' necklaces in cotton

Animal tablet/iPad stands/rests

Black Magic - Lollipop Shawl

Basket of cowls and scarves, and  'Lettuce Shawls' on rail

Zig-zag Missoni style long cotton coat