Wednesday, 30 May 2012

OXO Picnic Blanket

OXO Picnic Set:
Bag, blanket, 2 cushions and mug-rugs/coasters

Blanket spread out with matching cushions and coasters with its carry bag. 

Made a new picnic blanket - this has a water-resistant cire backing - with patchwork front - 9 squares so deal for playing Noughts and Crosses when the picnic is done - and children/adults needing amusement ................. 
Has matching squares and circles mug-rugs/coasters to play with and/or sue for those wine glasses/mugs 
Also 2 matching cushions for lazing in the sun for that postprandial nap .............
Also a bug bag with lots of pockets (inside and out) for carrying the blanket and pockets for the mug-rugs and other essential picnic supplies. 

I don't know about other countries but I get fed up getting a damp and cold bottom when picnicking with a conventional blanket - so I decided to make a picnic blanket that had a thick wadding and a waterproof backing - so warm and waterproof! From there it grew - 
  • oops need a bag for it all 
    • plus pockets outside and inside for all your bits and pieces (book/ipad/ireader + suntan lotion + mobile + etc) 
  • 2 cushions to rest your head on - for a snooze for you and friend
  • 6 coasters/mug-rugs for cushioning that mug of tea/glass wine/Pimm's/cold drink and catching those drips
  • coasters can be used to play noughts and crosses - to either amuse the children or adults!  Squares and circles of course! 
Result - something pretty, colourful but really practical! When dirty it can be washed in the washing machine........... perfect for those long sunny summer days and outdoor festivals/concerts 

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Cotton Chintz and Silk Damask - Cushions

Two new cushions - either for sale or Have to see ....

Classic patchwork cushion 
Front is a balanced play on a log cabin - Judges Steps variation,
all in shades of a dusky pink and claret.
The central square dictating the colours used - I didn't add any of the blues, greens or creams - so the central panel would stand out in contrast. I think it worked.....

The patchwork is in chintz, velvet, cotton, cotton sateen, and glazed cotton 
Back is envelope style in a crisp glazed cotton 

Silk damask cushion
A classic acanthus pattern in silk and cotton with a moire silk backing 
I felt the gorgeous gleam of the silk was enough without adding any further patchwork or embellishment.
The damask has a real slubby effect due to the warp being cotton slub threads and the weft in gleaming silk 
A classic small cushion - perfect for the bedroom or on a chair for the small of your back!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Hand quilted cushion covers - pink farm landscape

Hand quilted pink bucolic scenes - fields, fences, gate,trees and a cow and cottage all with a emandering path ................. 

Here is a  close up of one of the cows 
Backing is a re-used up-cycled shirt - one cushion cover has a pocket - ideal perhaps for the Tooth Fairy? or your hidden stash of sweeties or pocket money?
Anyway all in girlie pink and machine washable - with candy coloured star buttons on each corner 
So perfect for that little girl ............... 

Wheatsheaf Waistcoat - Crochet

Another of my designs 
A circular waistcoat with a neat collar and straight cut-away front - so it fits neatly 
Lots of texture in a variety of stitches in a soft honey coloured pure wool - so it will be warm

The back is the focal point - a textured pinwheel looking like a stack of wheat sheaves 
Shaped shoulders and front mean a really good fit that shapes to the body - results in a flattering fit! 
Looks much better on!! 

I made this ready for next Winter's Collection 

Baby Quilt - Alphabet Bears &Bows

Another quilt - this time the Alphabet with Bears in pinks blues and greens - with pretty bows in all the quilt's colours on each corner. Top & Bottom are bears and quote 'Follow your Dreams' 
Backing is pale pink fleece with a bears and kites print binding in soft pinks and blues on white ...............I thought the kites fitted in that one could fly ones dreams as well - aim for the stars! 

What do peeps think - sweet and simple - perfect for a little girl??? 
I have the same pattern with red & blue bears - better for a boy - or just a brighter primary print?
Baby's  prefer bright primary colours as their eyes can distinguish them better  

Other than the above quilt not been making much - apart from a taupe with white flecks ziggy-zaggy jacket - pics to follow! 
Sadly me sewing machine is broken - the presser foot lever - did it while cleaning the machine - de-linting it .................. so mea culpa! But I now have a vintage SINGER 201 to try out - spent three days and nights playing with it to get it to sew properly ......adjusting tensions and cleaning it ........... now to see if its worth getting an electric motor fixed to it so shall try sewing properly with it - perhaps my Mt Fuji Quilt that I have been planning to do for last couple of years - LOL
( See  prior posting on the Mt Fuji Wall-hanging - it will be based on that - an abstract version - so watch this space.........)

As for the craft sale I personally did not do very well - though am very pleased others did! 
Today at last some sunshine and a bit warmer - so maybe some Spring weather at last! I suspect we may be a  bit like Canada where Spring is extremely short season as they segue from Winter straight into Summer with a week for Spring weather! Sadly here Summer is likely to be wet and cold and grey  a sort of warmer version of recent weather! 
Well we need the rain - hut prefer it to fall at night and have sunny days! 
Despite ALL the rain we have been having the garden is already dry - as we are on sand it drains very freely have to start watering soon.................despite hose-pipe ban so watering cans and hose to the water butt .................... 

Sunday, 6 May 2012

My exhibition pieces - well some of them ...

Fuchsia Fantasy - pure wool felted darkest navy wool fabric with a dry felted flower also beaded with a fuchsia silk lining peeking out at side seams with magnetic clasp 

Pure wool felted bag - shaped bottom, integrated handles 
Individually felted flowers - various types of flowers and leaves , all hand stitched on.
A silk fuchsia ling with magnetic clasp hand sewn in 

Cream cotton self-ruffled shawl with pearls along the front edge and one on each ruffled point (36) 
with matching corsage wrist-let with flowers and pearls

My apron stand in the sale room - all with matching bags 

More pics tomorrow 

Shotley Peninsula Craft Show at the Shipwreck

The exhibition room set all ready 

Sales room - certainly lots of things to choose from - all price brackets 

Quilts made by our group 

Jewellery, quilting, and crochet by members plus ceramics and glass by guests  

The table leading from the exhibition room to the sales room - wood turning, jewellery, crochet, ceramics .............

We may of  had a very slow but steady attendance - with most people buying something - which was great start for the weekend. The weather was grey and gloomy - hardly inviting people to go out & about - so here is hoping for better weather tomorrow and more people coming.
There were lots of comments on how stunning everything was and how varied, lovely and unusual the items were - which was very rewarding to hear! 

A couple of friends came by - which was a lovely surprise and they bought things as well - even better! One even counting out how much money she had and spent it ALL!! 
More updates tomorrow

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New shrugs / boleros

Latest Summer Boleros and shrugs
Red one in cotton, the blue and striped ones are in cotton and bamboo 
All displayed on my new hangers - don't they look fresh and summery??

Missoni style coat in fine Clune Forest Wool in my ever popular Zig-zag pattern 
Cotton ones as well 

Laura's Apron

This was Laura's bespoke apron for her birthday - am told that she liked it!! 
Lets hope she enjoys many years cooking in it!!!!!!!!! 
Just think of all the cupcakes!
In purple Indian cotton with pink polka dot pockets and ties with toweling panels at the sides for those sticky hands! 
Hope for pics with her modelling it soon...........