Wednesday, 30 May 2012

OXO Picnic Blanket

OXO Picnic Set:
Bag, blanket, 2 cushions and mug-rugs/coasters

Blanket spread out with matching cushions and coasters with its carry bag. 

Made a new picnic blanket - this has a water-resistant cire backing - with patchwork front - 9 squares so deal for playing Noughts and Crosses when the picnic is done - and children/adults needing amusement ................. 
Has matching squares and circles mug-rugs/coasters to play with and/or sue for those wine glasses/mugs 
Also 2 matching cushions for lazing in the sun for that postprandial nap .............
Also a bug bag with lots of pockets (inside and out) for carrying the blanket and pockets for the mug-rugs and other essential picnic supplies. 

I don't know about other countries but I get fed up getting a damp and cold bottom when picnicking with a conventional blanket - so I decided to make a picnic blanket that had a thick wadding and a waterproof backing - so warm and waterproof! From there it grew - 
  • oops need a bag for it all 
    • plus pockets outside and inside for all your bits and pieces (book/ipad/ireader + suntan lotion + mobile + etc) 
  • 2 cushions to rest your head on - for a snooze for you and friend
  • 6 coasters/mug-rugs for cushioning that mug of tea/glass wine/Pimm's/cold drink and catching those drips
  • coasters can be used to play noughts and crosses - to either amuse the children or adults!  Squares and circles of course! 
Result - something pretty, colourful but really practical! When dirty it can be washed in the washing machine........... perfect for those long sunny summer days and outdoor festivals/concerts 

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