Saturday, 19 May 2012

Cotton Chintz and Silk Damask - Cushions

Two new cushions - either for sale or Have to see ....

Classic patchwork cushion 
Front is a balanced play on a log cabin - Judges Steps variation,
all in shades of a dusky pink and claret.
The central square dictating the colours used - I didn't add any of the blues, greens or creams - so the central panel would stand out in contrast. I think it worked.....

The patchwork is in chintz, velvet, cotton, cotton sateen, and glazed cotton 
Back is envelope style in a crisp glazed cotton 

Silk damask cushion
A classic acanthus pattern in silk and cotton with a moire silk backing 
I felt the gorgeous gleam of the silk was enough without adding any further patchwork or embellishment.
The damask has a real slubby effect due to the warp being cotton slub threads and the weft in gleaming silk 
A classic small cushion - perfect for the bedroom or on a chair for the small of your back!

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