Saturday, 25 June 2011

Demoller Designs - Woodbridge

This lovely little shop in Woodbridge where Sylvia designs and makes jewellery and sells all sorts bags and scarves is tucked away in Gobbitts Yard in Woodbridge - and she has kindly taken some of my things to sell in her shop ..................... some of my original fabric bags, scarves, felted brooches etc

Her website is
Here you can find all sorts of lovely unique pieces - necklaces, bracelets etc
Certainly worth a look!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

'Dandelion Clocks' Bag - new bag finished today!

Dandelion Clocks Bag: heavy weight brown wool blend fabric embellished with 'Dandelion Clocks' which have been hand crocheted in cotton, with vintage button centres with dandelion seeds blowing across the bag.
Handles in matching fabric with vintage grosgrina ribbon down the middle.
Complete with Dandelion Clock closure which buttons down to close

Fully lined in a matching coffee coloured twill cotton lining completee with full width pockets

Close up of the 'Dandelion Clocks' - with their vintage button centres

I started this last night making the Dandelion Roundels ............ sort of fre formed them as I went along 
Then today started making up the bag - selecting fabrics and ribbons and buttons
Deciding on the shape .then cutting stitching etc
Each Dandelion is hann sewn on with teh stems and leaves couched down as well
I left the outer edge of the Dandelions free so they would have more texture and added the air borne seeds with their little windmill tops to add that bit of whimsey!
Added an extra Dandelion for the closure ....and once all these sewn on and all ends secured then I could start making up the bag ............ hence taking me all day to put together!  But I think it was worth it and echoes a Summer's Day

More importantly I think it all works .... what do you think??

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Portable Art: Beach Huts - No2 painted

Portable Art Bag - Beach Huts No 2
Fully lined in a cotton check with interior pockets
Will be on its way to Puglia, ITALY ...................

Beach Huts - hand painted on vintage white linen before being made up into tote bag

Similar to the first - just differnet designs for huts and colours ........... and foreground

Here are the two bags I finished off today - Orwell Bridge & The Beach Huts

Portable Art: Orwell Bridge - No 2 painted

Well have painted another version of the Bridge ..............

Orwell Bridge Crossing - on white vintage linen and hand painted

on its way to being another tote bag Art on a Bag!

Portable Art Bag - Orwell Bridge Crossing No 2
Linen bag with all cotton lining (with interior pockets)

Well that is two more bags completed - now to get them on ETSY and /or in local shops!! 

Friday, 10 June 2011

Portable Art - Beach Huts Bag - No1 Painted

Beach Huts Bag - Cream Linen fabric painted

This bag is in cream linen with sunny bright beach huts - iconic for our coast in East Anglia

All hand painted - my design of course!
The bag is fully lined with pockets

Here the two painted linen fabrics drying in the sunshine before being made up into bags
Left the beach huts and right Orwell Bridge

Today I painted two new ones - but just too tired to make them up into bags - am exhausted
Will post pics later on - the huts are differnt designs and the Orwell Bridge crossing is a different interpretation

 Tattingstone Open Gardens day this coming Sunday - will be exhibiting there in teh Village Hall

Portable Art: Orwell Bridge Crossing - No1painted

Vintage Linen Bag - painted landscape of Orwell Bridge Crossing

This bag in white linen with the landscape now painted in fabric paints on linen
Tote bag is fully lined with pockets both sides
Took this to Tattingstone - and SOLD it to one of the organisers of the Open Garden Day - it is going all the way to Auckland NZ!
One of the button-on flowers I sold at Shotley is also whizzing its way to NZ .....................

These landscapes of Orwell are from a series of photographs I took the other week - on my way to the Peninsula Craft Show - talk about multi-tasking!

Orwell Bridge Crossing, Suffolk: Tote Bags - Appliqued Versions 1&2

Orwell Bridge Bag - Applique and painting
Cream Linen Base with cotton appliques 
For Sale in Woodbridge Boutique

Orwell Bridge Bag - Applique and painting
Blue Cotton Base

My first attempt to interpret the Orwell Brisge into applique work

The cream one is on linen with cotton applique and wax 'painting'
The blue one is applique with fabric paints for detail.
Both even have lorries trundling across - seen poking above the parapet

Both fully lined with pockets

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Poppies - lots of poppies

One of the first poppies to bloom - and luckily caught a buzzy beeee!!

Well the Triffids are blooming - all shades of pink, fuschia and red - singles, doubles and triples - like pompoms!
Plus lots of bees busy pollinating ....................

Just starting to bloom

Anyway all these gorgeous flowers are inspiring a new quilt/wallhanging ................. watch this space!!!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Peninsula Crafts - a success and sold a few things

Well anotehr show done n dusted .......................... 3 long days
BUT sold a few things - including some of the more expensive ones
  • the lovely raspberry pink kid-silk mohair sweater
  • the Aran Wool Tweed Jacket - Pinwheel back
  • cream boucle cotton waistcoat
  • an apron
  • couple of my button on flowers
Next show is in June at Tattingstone Garden Open Day a Sunday

The pink kid-silk mohair sweater is to the left
My Shawl at the top
The quilts and jewellery by fellow membersof the craft group - the neckalce sold in the first hour!