Thursday, 21 January 2016

Let's Knit Magazine ......................... I am featured with A WOOLLY TAIL!!!

cooooooooooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeeee
I am featured in an article in
LET'S KNIT Magazine
Issue 102 February 2016
meeeeeeeeeeee SingularOne along with Julie Whitehead of
A Woolly Tail
So thrilled :-))))))))))))))))
The 'Lollipop Shawl' featured in Let's Knit Magazine
An in depth article about our partnership - SingularOne with A Woolly Tail
How it started - why we got together and how we spark each other off with all sorts ideas and what fun we have together.
Long telephone conversations ............. lots laughter .............. and best of all ..... the great ideas we come up with.
A real coming together of two great minds thinking alike - did I say we both used to be professional archaeologists!
A great partnership of wool supplier and designer working together for fun crochet designs with a fun twist - so watch this space for new designs as they roll off our hooks ....................  
You can see the full article on Let's Knit Blog
Let's Knit Magazine
The 'Lollo Rosso' Shawls featured in the magazine - these shawls are proving popular girls!!
Swizzle Stix Hats

And last but not least the Swizzle Stix hats in 2, 3 and multi colour options!
In Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton and Robin Crepe - all T B Ramsden wools
Oh and of course you can get very reasonable priced kits of all these items (Yarn + Free Pattern) , exclusively from Julie at

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Midnight Blues - Alpaca Silk Lace Lollo Rosso Shawl

Lollo Rosso Shawl
hand crocheted in Alpaca-Silk Lace-weight - a delicate lace shawl with rocaille beaded edge

A delicate lace shawl with a slight shimmer due to the silk content

Versatile to wear as a shawl or neck-piece


Exclusive Kits (wool with free pattern), to make his shawl are available from a A Woolly Tail in Fusion wool manufactured by T B Ramsden

Sunday, 17 January 2016

WIP - a black and white quilt ................ free-form piecing

My Black and White quilt - work in progress WIP
All sorts of cotton fabrics - taken me a few years to collect a sufficient variety of prints with some plain white and black - cut into various sized widths and randomly pieced
All cottons

I have tried to balance out the distribution of prints - floral, animal,  graphic and plain - its all randomly done just tried to balance out the prints and depth of tone but some are all light one side or corner or a bias to dark or light .................... its what comes to hand really ....
All hit n miss! LOL its fun and that is what everything you do should be - FUN and give you pleasure!!
Now trying to perhaps do some darker and some lighter - so maybe can have a light middle or darker middle - don't know yet

May soften the whole effect by dying it with tea and maybe a bit of spray painting while it is still wet so the colours softly merge ......see how it looks when done '-))
but so far so good................... very pleased!!
But I need to get some baby quilts done!
Coming soon .............
Free-form quilting workshops coming by request - learn new techniques
Also a quilting service
Long-Arm free-motion quilting and embroidery
 Mid-Arm quilting service

Friday, 15 January 2016

Where did you get that Hat???

Miss Scarlet
Felted wool hat in a gorgeous scarlet red wool with a charcoal grey trim
Detachable flower brooch


Forest Green felted wool cloche with detachable flower brooch

All felted in pure Aran wool from T B Ramsden

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Raspberry Coulis Cowl

Rapsberry Coulis Cowl
Hand crocheted to my own design in a lovely lace weight soft blend with mohair in this stunning shade of raspberry pinks with a subtle shading with a Mobius Twist in it to give that little fillip

Close up of the twist

Side view

Pattern coming soon at A WOOLLY TAIL ............................ takes an evening to make so a quick and easy project - a woolly warmer for a cold morning!

Friday, 8 January 2016

Swizzle Stix - part of the 'Sweetie Shop' range is now available at A WOOLLY TAIL and via Ravelry

3 colour version

2 colour version
The samples were made in Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton - and were just about ripped out of my hands by fellow members in craft groups for their grand-daughters - and a couple of orders!
They just loved them - there is a secret hole for pulling through a pony tail (ideal for young girls - I remember as a little girl playing horsey and would have just loved one of these to pull my very long pony tail through!!!) That was the inspiration for this cute little hat ..............
But also a great way to control long hair for the ski slope or for walking/climbing - I just hate a hat cramping my hair!
This fun hat is now available in child/adult sizes in
Two and Three colour versions
and are
Exclusively available in a wide range of colours
in T B Ramsdens Yarns
from £5.25 -7.99  in Robin Crepe
£6.99-10.50 in Wendy Supreme Luxury cotton thanks to A Woolly Tail and T B Ramsdens in supporting this pattern design!!

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Spring Flourish - Lollo Rosso Shawl/Scarf

A fine lace-weight merino in a soft pale green hand crocheted into a delicate shawl with a beaded edge
Perfect for over a dress (Summer or in evening) or as a scarf for warmth
It is elegant, lightweight yet warm
This falls well over the shoulders - stays put due to the shaping and weight
So it does not slide off when you are trying to do things!

Back view

Detail of the beaded edge

Worn with ends flung over each shoulder

Worn as a scarf - with both ends worn to the front
Exclusive  Kits  for this shawl, in 4ply wool, ROAM and FUSION, are available at

Slate - Commissioned jacket

Hand crocheted in slate blue cotton
hip length, cap sleeved with abalone buttons to pin back revers, with a plaited tie

Abalone buttons with pearl button at the back - so you can move the button and where the lapel falls

Plaited tie - so you can close the front if wished
This falls just under the bust

Shaped yoke, with bands of various stitches to give textural detail
Customer -  bought for her daughter's birthday present - was overjoyed with it  :-))
I just so love a happy customer!!!
The button and tie trim made such a difference in the final jacket - as always it is the details and finish that make ALL the difference ..................