Friday, 8 January 2016

Swizzle Stix - part of the 'Sweetie Shop' range is now available at A WOOLLY TAIL and via Ravelry

3 colour version

2 colour version
The samples were made in Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton - and were just about ripped out of my hands by fellow members in craft groups for their grand-daughters - and a couple of orders!
They just loved them - there is a secret hole for pulling through a pony tail (ideal for young girls - I remember as a little girl playing horsey and would have just loved one of these to pull my very long pony tail through!!!) That was the inspiration for this cute little hat ..............
But also a great way to control long hair for the ski slope or for walking/climbing - I just hate a hat cramping my hair!
This fun hat is now available in child/adult sizes in
Two and Three colour versions
and are
Exclusively available in a wide range of colours
in T B Ramsdens Yarns
from £5.25 -7.99  in Robin Crepe
£6.99-10.50 in Wendy Supreme Luxury cotton thanks to A Woolly Tail and T B Ramsdens in supporting this pattern design!!

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