Sunday, 17 January 2016

WIP - a black and white quilt ................ free-form piecing

My Black and White quilt - work in progress WIP
All sorts of cotton fabrics - taken me a few years to collect a sufficient variety of prints with some plain white and black - cut into various sized widths and randomly pieced
All cottons

I have tried to balance out the distribution of prints - floral, animal,  graphic and plain - its all randomly done just tried to balance out the prints and depth of tone but some are all light one side or corner or a bias to dark or light .................... its what comes to hand really ....
All hit n miss! LOL its fun and that is what everything you do should be - FUN and give you pleasure!!
Now trying to perhaps do some darker and some lighter - so maybe can have a light middle or darker middle - don't know yet

May soften the whole effect by dying it with tea and maybe a bit of spray painting while it is still wet so the colours softly merge ......see how it looks when done '-))
but so far so good................... very pleased!!
But I need to get some baby quilts done!
Coming soon .............
Free-form quilting workshops coming by request - learn new techniques
Also a quilting service
Long-Arm free-motion quilting and embroidery
 Mid-Arm quilting service

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