Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Brother Electronic Super Ace III - an auction find!

Brother Super Ace III 
Bought this recently at Auction a dirty cardboard box - discovered when I got it home it would not sew nor did it have a foot pedal 
It came with one of those silly serger machines that are rather toy-like and never work! 
I fiddled , faddled...lots cursing - thinking I had wasted my money ............ checked web and found a blog  (internet is a wonderful thing) that said it was as a super machine as worked without a foot pedal - so back n checked all its buttons n bits ....and lo it worked (after a fashion) then cleaned out bobbin race (full of yuck n threads - ditto the bobbin wonder was a real mess) 
BUT then discovered wrong bobbin in  machine - tried a different one and sewed smoothly 
And yo ho ho it worked - a treat with the button ordered via the web and the Brother web site (very helpful peeps there) a manual and a new foot pedal that arrived this week and yes it works with foot pedal as well - yee haaaa 
So now a happy bunny - so gave it a good clean getting rid of lots dust n dirt 

But - yes another big BUT - I only have 1 bobbin that fits .......why oh why didn't I check and order a couple of boxes of bobbins to fit! It needs really thin bobbins all mine are too thick or wrong shape and the plastic bobbins are also too high - so the thread loops around the bobbin = a real thread snarl! 

So now have to order some bobbins .............

Look at teh nifty bobbin thread control - you pull it through it cuts and no fuss in pulling up bobbin thread - does it all automatically 

Also comes with I think 40 stitches and looks like a good sturdy modern machine - think about 10 years old - not sure - but really pleased with my auction find! 

Cooper Vintage Sewing Machine - stunning colour!

This is a super Cooper - in the most gorgeous shade of turquoise 
A vertical bobbin 
You can raise & lower the feed-dogs (Heavy- Medium - Silk) 

It also has a drop down extension at the side and lidded storage box at the side 

This machine I found in my husband's Mother's house - hidden in the kitchen 
Cleaned her up gave her a good oiling and now she works a treat and is now immaculate barely a chip in her lovely enamel - and yes she has to be a 'she' in this bright cheerful colour! 
Makes it a joy to sew - especially on a grey rainy day! 
Makes you smile just looking at her and I can easily bolt on a motor if I need to 

The bobbin is vertical and is accessed by the plate lifting up on a hinge - unlike the 'Singer's' that slide out 
The tension dial is on the end plate 
This is a Japanese copy of a Singer - guess from the1960's? 

Advent Calenders - 6 down and more to do....................

Traditional Heart Advent
Calico coloured background with burgundy and highlighted in gold

Christmas Cats - fub cats in burgundy with lots of gold
Made two of these

Dickens - very traditional
in Festive red & green with gold highlights

Nativity Advent - lots nativity scenes
in traditional red and gold with a lovely blue border with gold stars 

Nativity Advent 
With scenic panel with traditional Nativity scenes for the pockets, again lots of gold adding that festive glow 

All are backed in plain calico and padded and quilted.
I chose a plain backing so as not to detract from the patterned fronts 
All have a hanging pocket along the top 

Well that is 6 made and I think another 6 to do ............... some of them have folded pockets and even tabs - so really fiddly to make ................... anyway people have been asking how much they are so £25.00 each. 
Yet to do ............... 1 based on trains ; 2 are 'Toy Shop';  1 a lovely white and gold Angel 

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Dales Jacket - pure wool

Dales Jacket
Hand crocheted to my own design in a variety of natural undyed wools - Jacob, Cheviot etc 
Aran weight wool - so really warm 
Raglan sleeved in stripes with borders 

Friday, 9 November 2012

Soft Flowers Bag - Felted and applique

Soft Flowers Bag 
Hand crocheted then felted wool bag with applique three dimensional flowers in soft pastels - in mohair wool with vintage button centers. 
Bag is fully lined in a matching cotton, with internal pockets and magnetic clasp 

One of my exhibition pieces at the Peninsula Craft Show this October 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sewmaster Sewing Machine - vintage

This is a  really dainty sewing machine - heavy but one of the smaller sizes a bit like a Singer Featherweight 
1960's-70's I should think in date 
Just does basic straight stitch with a reverse and comes with an external motor with fold down flap to extend the base (which is in a lovely pale blond wood - has a rather naff fiber board top cover that latches onto the base) 
Has a dial for dropping the feed-dogs - for heavy , fine fabrics and darning 
Sweet simple machine 
Its just so small and cute! Look how small the harp is - just so dainty (but still a solid cast metal machine) 
Just love this little sewing machine! 
Not suited to quilting though - no space to roll up a quilt in that little harp space - but ideal for small sewing projects 

It is a Japanese copy of the Classic Singer 15 sewing machine 
I seem to be starting to be a sewing machine collector ................. they are just so lovely and all SEW (THE criteria for having and also using - yes they do get used each for different weights fabric and types of sewing) 
Luckily my dear hubby rather likes them as well - he admires the engineering in them 
I do sew most days - so they certainly do get regularly used! 

Forest of Clune Coat at Peninsula Craft Show

Here are some examples of what was on offer at the Peninsula Craft Show the other weekend - ceramics, wall art, jewellery 
PLUS - my 
Forest of Clune wool coat 
In cream wool with black, brown and gold nepps 
Hand crocheted to my own design - a zig-zag maxi-length light weight coat / topper
Seen with long black dress 
This coat is subtly shaped to fit and flare over the body - a very flattering fit 
It is single piece construction with cape like sleeves 
It is a very useful layering piece, a lightweight coat  which provides warmth without bulk 

Also to the left you can see my DALES jacket - in undyed wools - Jacob, Cheviot etc 
This has now been SOLD 

Frister Rossman - PZ Series: Vintage Sewing machine

My new toy !! 
Bought this other week (bit of a risk as couldn't get it to work in the store) - took me all day to get it working - talk about squealing and racket .....thought wasted my money on this one! 
So after some serious oiling - adjusting so the motor worked and general tweaking - the machine looks very little sued once took it apart as no oil lines etc 
The dials are still very stiff (so don't plan to turn them much!) 

It does NOT like light fabrics at all - it gathers them up (so have to adjust the bobbin tension I think) - otherwise shall just sue it for curtains, cushions & upholstery work ......and I hope leather sewing .............. 
It looks little used just a few chips in the enamel - dusted n washed out the drawer, and now she is ready to gooooooooooo !! 

Frister Rossmann PZ Zig-zag sewing machine 

The underside - really clean and nice heavy duty props, bars and gears! 

Discovered in the drawer: sewing box of attachments - some never used and one I am not sure quite what its used for - just has an open rectangle ....any ideas anyone??? 
Has the usual - zig-zag /ziper/cord/quilting/rolled hem feet - but other accessories are missing e.g. screw drivers, twin needl, no bobbins  etc 
Sewing Manual 

All in a 60's retro sewing table sewing table with drawer at the side and tapered screw in legs (which if you put in wrong place you end up with a most weird lopsided affair ..... not funny trying to balance a really heavy machine in table top & screw in legs and then get it wrong as the whole things wobbles - discovered the legs are shorter in the front and the 2 back legs are longer .... got it wrong first time ...oops) 
The only annoying thing is that you can not access the drawer unless the machine head is swung up onto the table - as the machine catches the drawer then you cant push it back in! 

I suspect it dates from 1960-70's ?? Anyone know?? Cant find a date anywhere on the web ........... not much info at all really which is rather frustrating 

Melange Jacket

Melange Jacket in subtle tweed stripes

Hand crocheted to my own design in a blend of colours: Honeys/blues/burgundies/greys/ black
Simple chic Chanel style jacket in premium wool blend tweed yarn. 
Single piece construction with raglan sleeves. 
Border trim on sleeves and around body to give a neat finish 

A soft warm and easy to wear piece, and the wide variety of colours means it will match many things in your wardrobe.