Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sewmaster Sewing Machine - vintage

This is a  really dainty sewing machine - heavy but one of the smaller sizes a bit like a Singer Featherweight 
1960's-70's I should think in date 
Just does basic straight stitch with a reverse and comes with an external motor with fold down flap to extend the base (which is in a lovely pale blond wood - has a rather naff fiber board top cover that latches onto the base) 
Has a dial for dropping the feed-dogs - for heavy , fine fabrics and darning 
Sweet simple machine 
Its just so small and cute! Look how small the harp is - just so dainty (but still a solid cast metal machine) 
Just love this little sewing machine! 
Not suited to quilting though - no space to roll up a quilt in that little harp space - but ideal for small sewing projects 

It is a Japanese copy of the Classic Singer 15 sewing machine 
I seem to be starting to be a sewing machine collector ................. they are just so lovely and all SEW (THE criteria for having and also using - yes they do get used each for different weights fabric and types of sewing) 
Luckily my dear hubby rather likes them as well - he admires the engineering in them 
I do sew most days - so they certainly do get regularly used! 


  1. Hello! I just found your blog and I too collect vintage sewing machines - well actually I'm trying to stop as they are taking over my house! I love this little machine, I love the colours.

  2. Dear Louise
    I know just what you mean - they are taking over here as well! I will post a pic of the machine that was my dear hubbie's Mother's machine - that is a stunning blue colour. The F&R sphinx one is the prettiest vintage one along with my very early treadle (which I have just got working) But thanks for your comment - much appreciated. Happy Sewing!