Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Cooper Vintage Sewing Machine - stunning colour!

This is a super Cooper - in the most gorgeous shade of turquoise 
A vertical bobbin 
You can raise & lower the feed-dogs (Heavy- Medium - Silk) 

It also has a drop down extension at the side and lidded storage box at the side 

This machine I found in my husband's Mother's house - hidden in the kitchen 
Cleaned her up gave her a good oiling and now she works a treat and is now immaculate barely a chip in her lovely enamel - and yes she has to be a 'she' in this bright cheerful colour! 
Makes it a joy to sew - especially on a grey rainy day! 
Makes you smile just looking at her and I can easily bolt on a motor if I need to 

The bobbin is vertical and is accessed by the plate lifting up on a hinge - unlike the 'Singer's' that slide out 
The tension dial is on the end plate 
This is a Japanese copy of a Singer - guess from the1960's? 


  1. I just bought this identical machine yesterday at an antique store in Maryland. What a treasure.

    1. You lucky girl - it is a lovely machine and such a pretty colour! Let me know how you get on with it.