Thursday, 30 July 2015

Bladder-wrack Necklaces in pure cotton




Candyfloss & Periwinkle
worn together
All are hand made to my own design in pure cotton
On Exhibition at OFF-PAT STUDIO's in a wide variety of colours -
marine, deep seas, sands, jade, stone
But of course they can be made to any colour wished .............. to order
Just made two on commission - one in two shades silver and graphite grey plus another in brown and gold in a viscose and cotton blend - as the yarn is quite shiny and slippery (the devil to work with), so one looks like liquid silver and gunmetal and the other golds - really pleased with them!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A Woolly Tail ......................... my favourite wool supplier!

run by Julie Whitehead is my favourite internet wool store
 - she is absolutely super -
great service
great prices
great wools
great delivery - fast and well packed!
All the wools she sells are sourced and produced in the UK
Now she is stocking my patterns free with kits
Kits with free patterns

These are only available exclusively at A WOOLLY TAIL
She also sells other patterns/books/buttons (NOTE - really fun buttons)/needles n hooks etc etc
She does great deals on packs of wool - especially those doing crochet and knit alongs!
Buy British - remember that from the 70's??
She is a great supporter of T B Ramsden - the biggest UK manufacturer of yarns.
Well what better way to help support our country out of recession and even more importantly support local home grown businesses?

And even better she always has some yarn on sale!
Must dash over and see what's on offer ......................

PS Freeee delivery if you buy over £35 - which is so easily done as such yummy yarns
watch her space as I think she will be offering all sorts new goodies  ................ yummmm

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Flotsam & Jetsom - OFF-PAT STUDIO Summer Exhibition

The Summer
Open Tuesday and Friday
10.30am - 4pm
Parking at front - behind Underwoods the Hardware Store
on the main shopping street in FELIXSTOWE
Glass - recycled sail bags - ceramics - photography - art - fabric bags - crochet necklaces and shawls - pressed seaweeds
DO come and see ...................

Indigo Blue Seas - Lollipop Shawl

All the shades of indigo blues - dark navy, royal blue navy, navy and blue marl
Pure cotton hand crocheted to my own design
Over 6' in length

The back

Back view - with both tails thrown over the shoulder

Close up of the colours and textures
Now on exhibition at OFF-PAT STUDIOS

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Fiesta - Lollipop Shawl

Fiesta Lollipop Shawl - used over 30 different colours of DK cottons 
Hand crocheted to my own design 
Sorry this has now been SOLD - at Art on the Prom
This was SOLD to a friend of a friend - so nice to know where they are going to - apparently she was desperate for one of my Lollipop Shawls - yipeee I say!!

Back view 

With one tail up 

Close up 

The Lollipops hang in two rows - each one is padded out by the weaving in of the ends - over 200 of them 
BUT makes all the difference in how they hang  - tedious but worth it 

Watch out for the pattern - coming SOON!!

The box with some of the colours of cotton I chose from 
Its a great way to either show off all the colours a range of yarn comes in for display purposes 
if you have enough - you can use up all your oddments 

Art Deco - Black & White Lollipop Shawl

Black and white cotton Lollipop Shawl - front view 
Pure cotton
Hand crocheted to my own design - this one is for meeeeee folks!!
Get rave reviews every time I wear it ................... gotta be good - :-)))

Back view 

Front view with both wings hanging down 
It is a V-wing shawl so that it stays put on the shoulder 
to help minimise slipping off 
Shown on shop dummy with a B&W polka dot dress for scale 
The dress comes down to my mid-calf/ankle region and  I am 5'3" to 5' 4" tall 
Made two similar on commission ....
Black and white with all circles with a  white middle  - SOLD
and a slightly smaller one with proportionately smaller discs for a very petite lady - SOLD

Birdies in the Window Quilt - Finished

Birdies in the Window Quilt - Double Bed Topper Size 
Finally finished - taken 3 years to do!
Quilt finally trimmed and bound in double fold plain blue cotton binding

The birds and central area are all hand quilted 
The strips machine quilted 

I may add embellishments and more hand quilting - yet to label it.............. 

Far Pavilions Quilt or Beach Huts by the Sea?

It is finally finished!! 
 Trimmed to size and bound with a double fold blue and white check cotton binding - and it even hangs straight after all that quilting - taken me 5 years from inception to completion
Collecting my husband's and my shirts - plus a few from friends

Weeks of free-motion quilting in various coloured cotton threads - used over 2,000m of blue cotton..................... every beach hut is different and has a different 'flag' flying from its top

Detail of some of the beach huts

Detail of a side - rolling sea waves following an appliquéd shirt tail with rolling seas on the bottom gingham strip - white clouds are on the top gingham strip - all to add movement to the quilt 

Puffy clouds at the top - sea waves at the bottom and at the sides: all in different styles to reflect waves and deep sea currents
It makes such a difference to the quilt once it is bound!
Yet to label this quilt
Make a super wall-hanging or topper for a single bed

This came FIRST at Waldringfield Show!!