Sunday, 19 July 2015

Art Deco - Black & White Lollipop Shawl

Black and white cotton Lollipop Shawl - front view 
Pure cotton
Hand crocheted to my own design - this one is for meeeeee folks!!
Get rave reviews every time I wear it ................... gotta be good - :-)))

Back view 

Front view with both wings hanging down 
It is a V-wing shawl so that it stays put on the shoulder 
to help minimise slipping off 
Shown on shop dummy with a B&W polka dot dress for scale 
The dress comes down to my mid-calf/ankle region and  I am 5'3" to 5' 4" tall 
Made two similar on commission ....
Black and white with all circles with a  white middle  - SOLD
and a slightly smaller one with proportionately smaller discs for a very petite lady - SOLD

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