Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A Woolly Tail ......................... my favourite wool supplier!

run by Julie Whitehead is my favourite internet wool store
 - she is absolutely super -
great service
great prices
great wools
great delivery - fast and well packed!
All the wools she sells are sourced and produced in the UK
Now she is stocking my patterns free with kits
Kits with free patterns

These are only available exclusively at A WOOLLY TAIL
She also sells other patterns/books/buttons (NOTE - really fun buttons)/needles n hooks etc etc
She does great deals on packs of wool - especially those doing crochet and knit alongs!
Buy British - remember that from the 70's??
She is a great supporter of T B Ramsden - the biggest UK manufacturer of yarns.
Well what better way to help support our country out of recession and even more importantly support local home grown businesses?

And even better she always has some yarn on sale!
Must dash over and see what's on offer ......................

PS Freeee delivery if you buy over £35 - which is so easily done as such yummy yarns
watch her space as I think she will be offering all sorts new goodies  ................ yummmm

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