Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Newbourne Farm Shop ...... my local shop

This is my local shop where we get all our fruit n veg n ice cream etc

They started out a couple of years ago with a roadside stall - then a shed and parking now its a run of wooden cabins with verandahs, landscaped parking , teas n coffees - freezers and chillers full of goodies as well as all their farm produce
In the Summer they produce the most wonderful tomatoes ....yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy
So they have gradually gown and developed into what is now a thriving Farm Shop selling all the best of local produce!

Its where I got that corker of a goose egg duck eggs (make the best omelettes)

Currently they stock my Aprons ..............and soon more things if possible!

Newbourne is a delightful farming community of smallholdings and glasshouses established after the war. It curently hosts various enterprises such as the cattery, various nurseries, and little roadside tables selling all sorts produce and flowers ... a veritable haven of goodies. Plus of course a village pub.
There are walks and the Newbourne Springs nature reserve there as well - plus several caravan sites

So all in all a lively thriving community

Friday, 15 April 2011

OUCH - Eggsactly

The biggest Goose egg - so big filled an entire LARGE EGG BOX
Was told the poor goose that laid it was not a happy bunny!!
Must ahve been painful

But made us 2 omelettes

A double yolker

Was very yummmmmmmmmmmmmy indeedy!!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Black Floral Bag etc etc

Well been busy today and amanged to make another bag - calico with floral fabric trim
It is not finished yet - needs buttons and flowers btt his is how it looks so far ................

Floral pockets inside - pefect for keys wallet and mobile etc

Plain side 

Pocket side - with band pockets across - handy for bits n bobs
Bag will have buttons and crocheted flowers added

Also finished the marmalade - eventually!!
So have some:
Miss Limoney Snippitty Lemon Marmalade and Malt Whisky Sour lemon Marmalade - all labelled and ready to put into the store cupboard

On the M.E. front - been in so much pain last few days - went into Woodbridge the other day and overdid it in spades and all I did was have coffee with a friend and wandered around a few shops - now paying for my efforts. Now creaking around the house - staying still just makes me seize up but walking is deinitely wobbly - oh groan oh fizz oh grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Bag - Calico and Prince of Wales check

Today I designed and made a new tote bag with band pockets inside and out - in fact the bag is reversible !
Has button fold up corners - making a boxy bottom
It is big enough to take a laptop; do the shopping; or get that lunchtime sandwich drink and bit of shopping at the office to sashay down to the local park and have an alfresco picnic with ................whatever and lots pockets for all your necessities!!
Being in plain calico and wool check makes it smart and buisness-like. The bag is simple yet very functional, and makes a smart and elegant accessory!
Now added buttons on the corners, pockets and handles plus a Prince of Wales feather on the plain side - was a  bit awkward as the bag was already made up!!

Cream cotton calico side - all the wool is self-fringed - gives it a nice soft effect
Check fabric on the outside, forms a band of pockets including a narrow one for pen. The other side is plain calico.
Vintage buttons on bottom corners

Check side - all check wool blend vintage fabric with band pockets on inside and double faced handles

Bag can be used either way - both sides having pockets. It has great wide self-fringed handles which can slip comfortably on your shoulder (no straps cutting in) and all the pockets areeasily accessible and can hang either next to the body - for security or on the outside for easier access. Its really comfortable to use as well - tested it!

PS - now added a Prince of Wales Fleur de Lys in buttons on the plain calico - was very fiddly as done after sewn up - so a bit wonky - pics to come!