Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Newbourne Farm Shop ...... my local shop

This is my local shop where we get all our fruit n veg n ice cream etc

They started out a couple of years ago with a roadside stall - then a shed and parking now its a run of wooden cabins with verandahs, landscaped parking , teas n coffees - freezers and chillers full of goodies as well as all their farm produce
In the Summer they produce the most wonderful tomatoes ....yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy
So they have gradually gown and developed into what is now a thriving Farm Shop selling all the best of local produce!

Its where I got that corker of a goose egg duck eggs (make the best omelettes)

Currently they stock my Aprons ..............and soon more things if possible!

Newbourne is a delightful farming community of smallholdings and glasshouses established after the war. It curently hosts various enterprises such as the cattery, various nurseries, and little roadside tables selling all sorts produce and flowers ... a veritable haven of goodies. Plus of course a village pub.
There are walks and the Newbourne Springs nature reserve there as well - plus several caravan sites

So all in all a lively thriving community

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