Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Dancing for Joy ...................... work in progress

Dancing Figures

This was a piece of art I did way back in my school days in prep for my A Level Art submission
As my Mother is hanging onto all my art for dear life - God knows why, she has had them over 40yrs - but told can't have it all till she's dead - well she will probably outlive me so that means I and Les shall never have the joy of my own work in our own home .................... pooh bah

So seeing as cant have the original I took a photograph of my Dancing Figures as thought it was ideal to make it into a wall hanging or somesuch in piecework and embroidery - so watch this space as work progresses
It will be fun to reinvent something I did over 40years ago!

On the ME front I have been up/down and now contending with new pains in my hands which is very disconcerting and very worrying - because if I lose the use of my hands I shall be really miserable!!!!!!!!!!!

& thank you Jeremy for pointing out my typos! So very much appreciated - at least someone reading this drivel¬!

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