Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Jumping for Joy - Stage II

Jumping for Joy - started to embroider

Started to embroider it - but it has been hard going as the fabric is so heavy and thick - and now thicker with the appliques
But some progress ... but have had to stop as my fingers are too sore and my wrist has packed in and right arm aches - so a very unnhappy bunny :-(
Then went and leant on my wrist the wrong way and it crunched n twinged and now even more painfull and more twinges ..................... and the M.E. playing merry hell - ah well if it's not raining its shining and the combination means RAINBOWS! Now that can not be bad - can it?

Other day driving home and saw a field being irrgated and the sprayer became  a rainbow ............ and no camera with me - typical!

However was crawling around a little lane behind the house and saw this scene - and DID have the camera with me!

All Spring - flowering hedgrows and verges

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