Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My FIRST Landscape Quilt - Stage I

Fine Wind, Clear Morning
Edo Period ( 1600-1868) Japanese woodblock print by
Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849)
Indianapolis Museum of Art
Part of the Thirty-SIx Views of Mt Fuji Series

I saw this illustration and loved it - shame I did not see it myself but Les saw it when he was in Indianapolis last week 
Thought it would be ideal as a trial piece for a landscape quilt - so here is progress so far

The Fields of Mt Fuji - Satge I

So far I ahve pieced on a  foundation scrap - the sky, mountian and fields - in silks and cottons
  • The Sky is pinwhale corduroy with cream ribbed silk clouds - cut away and left with ragged edges to give the effect of puffy clouds
  • The mountain is in terracotta cotton with a crunkle silk dipdyed top
  • The fields are in various tie silks - to give an effect of fields but still echoing the originals shades of blue forests in the foreground
Then added padding and a backing fabric and machine quilted the major sections and clouds
Now shall add embroidery for the snow and detail on the fields and perhaps some beading as well - esp on the snow capped top

I might save machine embroidery for another project
So shall .............see what people think of it ...........

PS It never  ceases to amaze me how differnt things look when photographed!

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