Thursday, 14 April 2011

Black Floral Bag etc etc

Well been busy today and amanged to make another bag - calico with floral fabric trim
It is not finished yet - needs buttons and flowers btt his is how it looks so far ................

Floral pockets inside - pefect for keys wallet and mobile etc

Plain side 

Pocket side - with band pockets across - handy for bits n bobs
Bag will have buttons and crocheted flowers added

Also finished the marmalade - eventually!!
So have some:
Miss Limoney Snippitty Lemon Marmalade and Malt Whisky Sour lemon Marmalade - all labelled and ready to put into the store cupboard

On the M.E. front - been in so much pain last few days - went into Woodbridge the other day and overdid it in spades and all I did was have coffee with a friend and wandered around a few shops - now paying for my efforts. Now creaking around the house - staying still just makes me seize up but walking is deinitely wobbly - oh groan oh fizz oh grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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