Thursday, 3 July 2014

"Cats on a Hot Tin Roof " - appliqued wall hanging

"Cats on a Hot Tin Roof "
Pieced and appliqued with free motion machine embroidery 

Close up of the central cat

Middle Cat

Left Cat

Right Cat

Not sure whether to call this piece 
'Dancing Cats'
'Cats on a Hot Tin Roof' 
What do people think??? 

I learned the technique at one of Jenny Lankester's workshops on free motion quilting! 

This was made as a 60th Birthday present for my good friend Pam 
Happy 60th Birthday Year Pam!
She has bred a brand new breed of cat which is launched this month! 
What an achievement and what a crowning gory for her 60th year! 
Well done girl!

Pam wanted it to be called 'Cats ona Hot Tin Roof' - so be it! 

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