Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Christmas Raffle Quilt done - 'Parterre'

Combination of applique and piecing - hand and machine quilted (in the ditch and freemotion)

Back view
Joan Lumpkin (a dear departed and very talented quilting friend) did the applique and piecing
Mary Dale put the pieces together - then became very ill, (for a year in and out of hospital) but back with us again :-)
and I framed it with borders and quilted and bound it - and did my back and hips in, in the process LOL
So a quilt with history and been several years in the making, with various ups and downs!!
Decided to call it 'Parterre' as it being green with flowers in a diamond design was rather like a formal parterre garden ... we did think of 'Calamity Jane/Joan'  ....
Was in our Craft Groups Xmas Raffle and won by my good friend who is friends with all of us who made parts of the quilt.
We put it on her bed this afternoon and being 60" square fitted the top of a double bed perfectly - and it looked good in her bedroom :-)

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