Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Bladderwrack ver 2 Lollipop Shawls

Lollipop Shawl
Bladder Wrack 2
In recycled cottons using 7 colours
Front view of V-wing shawl - stays in place when worn in pure cotton
Hand crocheted in my own design

Front view - one tail over the shoulder
The colours are a complex variation with specks of other colours giving it a depth and richness of colour not normally seen

Front view - both tails over the shoulder
The range and depth of colours will enable this to be worn with a wide range of colours !

Back view - with both tails over the shoulder
Sassy at the back as well as the front - you can wear it either/any way you wish - with flair!
The 'lollipops' add movement and fun!
This came FIRST at the Waldringfield Village Show in the crochet class

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