Monday, 29 June 2015

Art Deco Shawl - Lollipop Series variation

Art Deco 
A V wing shawl, hand crocheted to my own design in black, white and black-white marl - pure cotton 
This has squares and circles hanging off the edge 
You can see one side has had all the ends woven in - the other is still to do! 
There are well over 200 ends to weave in - so takes several days to just do that! 
and I soo hate weaving in ends , but sewing squares together is worse! LOL 

Unfinished edge 

Finshed edge 

I have been working on these designs for 4-5 years now - so various new embellishments and tweaks are developing - they are such fun to make and wear!
Lots of movement and style ............................ 

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