Friday, 24 September 2010

Brunschwig and Fils 'Lichfield Hills' Wallhanging - finally completed

This is showing work in progress

The piece has been quilted by hand, embroidered and beaded.

As the fabric has 16 colours I have used a wide variety of beads and embroidery threads to reflect thecolours and wonderful quality of the fabric - it was a dream to work with (but then it was expensive fabric).
The embellishments were worked to bring the trees 'forward' so the houses were 'pushed' into the background
So the dominant trees were beaded and the trunks embroidered
Only the central part had been selectively quilted
It was all done by hand - apart from sewing on the border and backing

It took a couple of months of work to complete
and now has been backed and bordered in co-ordinating fabric

Now to decide where to hang it .................

Will add a pic of it completed

Has 16 colours in the print and is the pattern 'Lichfield Hills'


  1. That is absolutely stunning, superb, spectacular. Amazingly, I was only thinking this morning of creating a very special sort of curtain for a small window in winter, one which would be a little world of its own, that could be looked at and enjoyed, and here you are, with the perfect example. Lovely!

  2. Oh thank you so much - for looking in the first place and secondly for taking the time and effort to pass comment - so very much appreciated!
    To be seen as inspiration is true praise indeed.
    Do please let me know how your special curtain/wall-hanging sure it will be very special.