Monday, 30 July 2012

Japanese & Batik Panels - Quilting

Vintage Cotton Batik panel - hand done in 1981 by GW 
So a signed piece ! 
Framed in indigo blues linen windowpane check border 

Samurai Japanese Cotton Panel 
Framed in indigo blues window pane check linen 

Started my two panels 
The blue batik one I have had since the 80's! 
So finally being used - has been hidden in my scarf drawer all these years
Shows you how long I have had that ............. ehhh hmmmm 

The Samurai panel is part of my 60th Birthday present from Debbie - she brought it back from her trip to Japan earlier this year (along with some other yummy fabric and hand dyed sashiko thread - yet to decide quite what to do with that - will post pics of that scrumptious selection later) 

So now off to find some cotton batting and then can start quilting them 
I think I shall do some sashiko along the border of the Samurai panel 

Will post pics as I progresss 

PS - Have new idea for a totally new crochet design for a jacket watch this space! 

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