Thursday, 2 August 2012

Mt Fuji Quilt Block

Mt Fuji Applique and Embroidered 12" Cushion Cover 

Each panel has been machine embroidered with a combination of shaded quilting /embroidery threads, metallic threads and Madeira cotton .
Here the sun has really picked out the sparkly threads - enlivening what could be rather dark colour palette 

Used a striped silk and added rows of 'crops' in the 'furrows' in two different shaded cotton threads with a variety of stitches to indicate various crops at various stages of growth 

Gold thread for the snowy mountain top with blue Madeira thread stars and channel quilting for the sky. 

Mt Fuji Crazy Quilt Block 
Trial square - first applique 

I have been planning this for several years after doing my first landscape quilt based on the woodblock (see earlier blog) 
I liked the simple lines and thought ahh haaaaaaaaa a crazy quilt block in the making with some meaning and control of patterns 
So this first trial piece s done to be a small cushion cover and in drawing rooms winter colours of terracotta s and dark inky indigo blues 

Appliqued silk pieces on a cotton foundation piece
Then quilted and machine embroidered 
Linen indigo strips to frame it with a very dark inky indigo navy backing 

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